‘Sex and the City’ actress nominated for an Emmy for her role on the series dies

'Sex and the City' actress nominated for an Emmy for her role on the series dies - Fox Sports

Mourning in the world of entertainment after it was confirmed that the actress Frances Sternhagen died at the age of 93, remembered for the roles in two of the most important American television series such as “Sex and the City” and “Cheers”, as confirmed. his family on social networks.

“Mother. Frances Sternhagen. On Monday evening, November 27, he died peacefully at home, a month and a half before his 94th birthday… Keep going, Frannie. The curtain was brought down on a life lived richly, passionately, humbly and generously,” his son John Carlin published.

Who is Frances Sternhagen? What is your role in ‘Sex and the City’?

Frances Sternhagen’s multifaceted career spans more than half a century, and she has won two Tony Awards for her work in the theater. In “Sex and the City” she appeared for two seasons as the character “Bunny MacDougal,” the meddling aristocratic mother of Trey, who was married to Charlotte York for some time.

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Another important television role for which many know her is the overprotective “Esther Clavin” in the successful series “Cheers”, both roles for which she received nominations for the Emmy, which rewards the best in television in the Union. .

The actress really enjoyed playing the insufferable characters, telling the Los Angeles Times in 2002: “I know a lot of girls like that and apparently I can imitate them very well.”

Sternhagen received her Tony Awards in 1974 and 1995, for her roles in Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor and The Heiress. In film, Sternhagen has appeared in several critically acclaimed film adaptations of Stephen King, including Misery (1990) and The Mist (2007).

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