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Friday, March 5, 2021

Shah Faisal’s ‘homecoming’: said – regrets what he did on 370

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The scope of the debate on ‘Kisan Andolan’ has expanded from the country to the world. After the American-Caribbean singer Rihanna tweeted this issue, all the famous Indian names came forward in unison.

Shah Faisal, a former IAS officer of Jammu and Kashmir, is the latest name to promote the #Indiatogether campaign on social media. Faisal, who attained first place in the Union Public Service Commission 2010 exam, retweeted Sachin Tendulkar’s tweet.

Shah Faisal wrote in retweet, “Yes! Good thing inside the house. ”

Actually Sachin Tendulkar had tweeted in response to Rihanna’s tweet on the farmers movement. They own Wrote in tweet Was, “India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised. Outsiders may be spectators but not partners. Indian people know India and they should decide for India. We have to stand together like a strong country. ”

A Twitter user then shared a video of Shah Faisal’s interview with the BBC. The tweet asked the question, “Was this interview given to the BBC also a mistake?” Do you regret it? ”

In this interview, Shah Faisal strongly opposed the government of India over the removal of special state status from Jammu and Kashmir. Responding to this tweet, Faisal wrote, “Yes of course! I should have been more careful with my words while communicating with the global public on India’s internal issues. ”

In this they Said that In 1953, his grandfather’s generation was betrayed. During the elections of Jammu and Kashmir in 1987, his father’s generation was betrayed and the structure of democratic institutions and processes was spoiled. Now after Article 370 was removed from Jammu and Kashmir, the same thing happened to his generation.

Recently, the former IAS officer of Jammu and Kashmir, Shah Faisal, now appears to be the admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He called India ‘Jagat Guru’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with some health workers of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi on 22 January 2021 through video conferencing, in which the employees shared their experiences related to vaccination.

Reacting to this video, Shah Faisal wrote that this is not just a vaccination campaign, but more than that. People were surprised by his changed attitude. Shah Faisal further wrote, “It is an alliance of good governance, organization of human resources, nation-building and coming out as a global leader in the world as India’s guru.”

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