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Shakira and her acrostic, a depressing epilogue. Has he already healed his wounds?

The Colombian singer returns with a ballad that could end the halftime duel with Piqué. Two Psychologists Tell Us If These Are Ways to Heal an Emotional Wound

If, as Oscar Wilde said, hearts were made to break, then Shakira may have served her purpose. Just a few days ago, in a painfully inspiring speech for some women, she said that only a woman can “love to tears” and “speak with the most brutal honesty.” He justified a cathartic year with his own words, singing of his grudge following the break with Piqué. Now, with ‘Acrostico’, she announces a new phase, calm, tempered and focused on motherly love, the most powerful and unconditional.

Is this exposition really persuasive, accurate or convenient? Each one in his own way and with more or less acuity has used his own ingenuity to relieve his miseries. From Goethe, who wrote his famous novel ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’ to ease the pain of unrequited love, to the vulgar verses of Paquita la del barrio in which he describes his beloved as a dirty rat, a creeping animal, scum, transforms in the eyes. , vermin, vermin and many other nuances.

Post breakup grief

After separating from Piqué, after twelve years of union, Shakira continued to describe her emotional state through compositions, ‘performances’ and choreographies. It is another way of coping with those inevitable phases of mourning that, according to theorists, lead, little by little, to a significant renewal, which Colombian singers can now announce.

First was the so-called Quadrilateral of Disappointment, with four successes, each more revealing. In his opening song, ‘I congratulate you’, he reveals that his eyes were “reddish from crying so much for them” and upon completing them, he broke into pieces. After the discovery of the cake – in this case, Jaime-, ‘Monotonia’ came and declared that love was not dead, but it was already delirious. ‘Session #53’ was the most lucrative rematch in history, breaking all records for views and reproductions. And, finally, ‘TQG’, a single released together with Karol G, with whom he made compromises: “I left you big” and “I don’t repeat mistakes”. That’s exactly how he felt, he explained.

He went from the commotion caused by the break to a description of the things he had done or remained to do. From there to anger and then to a moment of sadness in which one begins to accept reality, even if it hurts. Finally, epilogue, the light at the end of the tunnel. She said a few days back, “There comes a time in every woman’s life when she can’t depend on anyone to love or accept her the way she is.” “Because of you,” he continued, “I wrote what I wrote and sang what I sang. Because only a woman can love to separate herself, only a woman can speak with the most brutal honesty And can sing with anger.” And dance in ecstasy and burst into tears.”

She noted that music was what helped her find her way back when she felt most lost. However, social networks are divided. Is this a toxic attitude or does it actually help women empowerment? Was it necessary to be so clear?

Support helps cope with trauma

Mila Kahu, a doctor of clinical and health psychology, adds that what she says is what many women feel. “Historically, society has expected female sacrifice and martyrdom. In an implicit or explicit way, they have been taught that they are only loved well if they are capable of giving life. All this cultural relic of the 20’s or 40’s. Years don’t change. This is a toxic way of loving and feeling shared by many women who grew up with this mindset that you have to change.” Kaihu, on the other hand, believes that what he says should not be scrutinized so strongly. “Shakira is still getting over what happened to her and psychology knows that she is healthy if she expresses herself. It’s great to do that when someone is going through a deep wound. It sounds like it’s been traumatic for her. She’s been through that pain and you need to talk about it.”

As with any other trauma, this indicates that the prognosis is more favorable if the person suffering it has a support group with whom they can vent. “It’s not about giving advice, but about simply listening and allowing her feelings to come out, to heal an emotional wound. It’s something wonderful. Shakira has brought out her inner pain. As he shared his wonderful moments, we must now be generous enough to understand that he is cleaning the wound with those who were supporting him. He just asks us to listen. Whoever Doesn’t even consider it right, don’t do it.

How does the female brain work?

Olaya Martinez, also a psychologist, recalls that everyone has their own way of loving and that although many factors intervene, the female brain also has its own way of experiencing love. “Women have a more emotional brain and this makes us experience interpersonal relationships, not just as a couple, in a certain way.” She believes that Shakira will be in good emotional support and that all these movements will be supported by physicians who know and monitor her. “When that happens, it’s okay for everyone to express their pain however they want. It’s always okay to talk about it and give the pain its space.”

Martinez believes that we can also draw some lessons from these stories, such as that perhaps one should never push the limits of healthy decision-making. “Perhaps an earlier return would have prevented that pain from being so heartbreaking. A person does not change overnight and no one gives you the power to go to that extreme if you set limits. This is where every adult There is an emotional responsibility, though most people make mistakes in this. We resist seeing who is in front of us and this leads to disappointment, frustration and a lot of pain.

Shakira with “Revenge Sweatshirt”

Shakira has allowed herself times of rancor and, once she has freed and purified her emotions, she presents us with ‘Acrostico’, a ballad in which she once again expresses her state of mind. refines. This is no longer an explosion of screams, but relief after catharsis. Change and growth on a personal level after acknowledging that “things don’t always happen the way we dream.”

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