Shanghai allows 4 million outdoors because the rules of the virus are simple

Shanghai allows 4 million outdoors because the rules of the virus are simple

As a result of last week’s simplification, about 12 million people were allowed to move out of 25 million cities, health official Wu Ganyu told a news conference. He said the virus was “effectively controlled” for the first time in some parts of the city.

After the Shanghai Inquisition, it shut down businesses on March 28 and sent most of its residents home. This led to complaints about food and medicine shortages. In Shanghai, people with positive but no signs were directed to special detention centers set up in exhibition halls and other public buildings.

The closure of Shanghai and other industrial centers to fight the epidemic has raised concerns that international trade and commerce could be disrupted. According to this week’s data, economic activity in the first three months of this year is declining compared to the last quarter of 2021.

In the latest outbreak, China’s case numbers are relatively low, but the ruling Communist Party is implementing a zero-COVID strategy that excludes major cities.

On Wednesday, the government reported 19,927 new cases in mainland China, with the exception of 2,761 who had no symptoms. Shanghai covers 95% of the total, or 18,902 cases, of which only 2,495 are symptomatic.

The government said 26,760 people who had a positive diagnosis were released on Wednesday without any symptoms. That includes 25,411 people in Shanghai, some residents of quarantine centers complained of poor sanitation.

Other major industrial and commercial centers in the northeast, including Changchu, Jilin and Shenyang, have closed businesses in the eastern port of Tianjin and south of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, have imposed travel restrictions or told residents to stay home.

That has forced international car manufacturers and other manufacturers to reduce or stop production due to their inability to supply.

Volkswagen AG announced that it has started production of the Changchu factory this week and that the automaker is considering when the Shanghai facility will open. BMW AG says the factory in Shenyang has reopened.

In recent years, areas with more than 4 million people have been shut down, health official Wu said. Some were not allowed to leave the area and large gatherings were banned.


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