The brutal account of a witness who broke Narumi’s brother in the middle of the trial

She breaks down and comes out crying: the brutal account of a witness who broke Narumi's brother in the middle of the trial
Within the framework of the appeal trial for the case of Narumi Kurosaki, Rachel Hopes (26) shared a shocking testimony. This is a young woman who reportedly heard screams on the night of December 4 to 5, 2016.

Like the young Japanese woman, the student at that time lived in the Rousseau university residence in the city of Besançon in France.

This Wednesday, the woman assured that “the only thing I remember is that I was studying in Besançon at that time and I lived in the same university where Narumi Kurosaki lived, in the same hallway and after his disappearance, I went to report it . to the police.” that I heard the scream in the street.”

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According to L’Est Républicain, Hopes recalled that “around 3 in the morning I was in my room and heard a very loud scream. It was a woman’s voice. I was very scared. I remember exchanging a few text messages with my friends in the building. “I’m scared.”

Likewise, he admitted that “I was scared, I was 19 years old, I locked the door, I thought there might be someone with a gun. I didn’t know what to do”.

Asked about the smallest details she remembered from that night, the young English woman continued: “They were screams of fear or pain. But it’s usually painful. “I also heard noises like something being thrown in a face.”

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The pain of the family

Apparently moved by the witness’ account, Honami Kurosaki, Narumi’s sister, cried and left the court.

“Devastated at the mention of the screams, one of Narumi’s sisters left the room in tears,” the aforementioned media described.