She claims to be Junior Playboy in the female version

She claims to be Junior Playboy in the female version - Publimetro Chile

Next Sunday, October 1st, the long-awaited reality show “Tierra Brava” begins on Channel 13. There are already 10 confirmed participants, and today two new characters have joined the Peruvian house studio: Camila Arismendi, winner of “ Yo soy,” and Spanish model Fabio Agostini.

At the age of 19, a young woman named Camila Arismendi managed to win the impersonation show “Yo soy” by imitating the singer Cecilia. Eleven years later, the same young woman returned to imitate her idol in the new season of that show, now on a different channel.

And now, at 31, Camila is preparing for her biggest challenge: becoming the new contestant on Channel 13’s reality show “Tierra Brava,” where she can show herself as herself for the first time. “I have never been offered a reality show and I am very happy. It’s the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had, it fell from the sky. Every evening I would light an incense stick and ask to be invited to a program. They never knew me as Camila and I will make the most of it, I will show myself as I am, without masks,” she said.

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In fact, his favorite reality boy will be one of his companions in detention in “Tierra Brava.” “Junior Playboy is my favorite. I love his personality, I identify with him. I always say that as a woman I’m like a junior playboy, I would really like to get to know him. “I think I’ll get along well with him, I want to be his girlfriend,” she said, adding that she has the same way of being.

“My contribution in prison will be a joy because I am very funny, lively and talkative. I also have my naive side because I give myself 100% to people and sometimes that works against me because they let me down. I am very patient and let a lot go, but I have my limits. If it’s too much, they’ll find me,” Camila said.

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The muscular Spaniard

At 33 years old, Fabio Agostini is one of the most famous physical competition reality guys on Peruvian television. Originally from the Canary Islands in Spain, he will make his debut on Chilean television as a new member of Channel 13’s reality show “Tierra Brava”, where he will experience his first challenge in total lockdown.

“I have appeared in several singing, dancing, competition and love reality shows but this one will be very different. I’ve never been locked in a house for several months, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. “I really want to start, I’m excited to see the people I’ll live with,” said the young man.

Back in 2017, he was called for a Chilean reality show, but he preferred to accept the offer of a Spanish dating show. Therefore, this time he intends to pay off his debt to our country. “I was looking forward to having fun in Chile. I want to catapult myself into a land that is virgin to me, make noise and continue to grow. I know that I will be famous in Chile, that people will like me, dislike others, and that I will not go unnoticed. “I want people to talk about me because wherever I go, I always like to be the protagonist, I want to take on the world,” he explained.

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What motivates him most, he says, are women. “What blows me away the most is the pretty girls I see there. I just left the most toxic relationship of my life, so now I’m single and spending a few months doing therapy for myself, I want to meet new people. There will definitely be pretty girls and I won’t close the doors to anything. I hope I can leave the reality show hand in hand with a girl,” said the Spaniard, who won several victories on Peruvian television.


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