She said she was free and ready to do anything and revolutionized women

She said she was free and ready to do anything and revolutionized women - Publimetro Chile

Former soccer player and influencer Nicolás Solabarrieta joined “Tierra Brava” and on his first day he left big. Because? Well, after his presentation, Guarén offered to show him the house, but Chama went ahead and ended up doing it. Pamela, who knew him before, warned him: “Be careful. There are people who you will realize are very false. “

Later, Guarén argued with Chama for hiding the newcomer. The Venezuelan confessed to Angélica that he did it just to annoy Guarén. And to make Chama uncomfortable, Guarén went to the gym where he and Angélica were lifting weights, and started imitating them. “I am more and more convinced that he is lauchita. You put your foot in it and shit…” said “Little Shrew” as he left.

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“For one person, never”: Guarén and Chama star in a tense moment when Nicolás Solabarrieta enters Tierra Brava

Are they afraid of Nico?

Luis then tells Chama and Angélica that Nico should not be afraid, because otherwise, he will be closer to the other group, like the others. “If he participates, he will be nominated. Because we don’t know what he is like in the competition,” said “Shrew,” who is sure that the young soccer player will be another ally of Pamela Díaz.

For his part, Nico is introduced to the dynamics of the house with his other housemates – and warned about his impressions of Luis and Chama. “They put all the fear in me with the red group,” commented the young man, who, when asked about his marital status, said that he was free and ready to do anything: “I am one .”

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Meanwhile, when asked about his relationship with football, the young man described it as his great love. “From the age of 8. But I have a moment to mourn, now I can’t go to the games or watch them. It was as if it had never been born to me. But I think he will recover,” he admitted.