She stunned with her style, worked with Tato Boers and defied the age: Gabriella Etcher, all-terrain humour

She stunned with her style, worked with Tato Boers and defied the age: Gabriella Etcher, all-terrain humour

“When I grow up I want to be the one who makes people laugh”, responds with an unmistakable seal of humor featuring Gabriella Etcher, while recounting her origins in her beloved Uruguay. “I was born in Montevideo, in the old town. My childhood was marked by the constant presence in the synagogue to see my father work, Isaac AcherAn important character in the Sephardic Jewish community to which we belong, who was a liturgical singer and used to sing with his beautiful vocal voice during all Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Pesach, Zukot, Hanukkah… miss.

Gabriella Etcher At 15, With The Dress Her Mother Made For Her
Gabriella Etcher at 15, with the dress her mother made for her

“They were celebrated even at home, and it was an occasion for us as a family to sing songs from gypsy ballads, because Sephardim are nothing more than Spaniards driven out of Spain and who are forever heavy for their land. were left with nostalgia. and his music. My dad sang ‘Granada Land Dream by Me’ and cried even though he had never been there”describe.

With Antono Gasalla On Stage: &Quot;I Met Him In The 70'S And We Became Friends Immediately&Quot;
With Antono Gasalla, on stage: “I met him in the 70’s and we became friends immediately”credit: Gabriella Acher

Of course, she immediately speaks of her mother, Acher’s Tamar Mizrahi, with the same affection as a daughter. “She was a really good costume maker, in fact she always made divine clothes for me and my sister, including my 15-year-old’s outfit, with an intricate model she copied from the magazine Here, She was always worried about something, so years later, when I was already a comedian, I defined her like this: ‘My mom left me this message on the answering machine: You’re worried. Yes, I’ll explain later,'” he jokes, in his own style.

until he arrived in Argentina as an artist telecataplum: “That amazing Uruguayan comedy program that I was fortunate to join. The year I entered was already the second it was aired. Cristina Benegas’ father bought it for Canal 13 and here we are We started traveling every fortnight to record, and we returned to Uruguay. I still lived with my parents since I was a minor. And in the year 70 I definitely settled in Argentina”.

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– What was your first opportunity for artistic work?

-I did commercial voice overs for an advertising agency. This was a time when commercials were done live. I introduced myself to an agency and told them: “The number of announcers they have, they’re terrible, I’m better.” And they took me.

In Telecataplm I Learned To Produce More Of My Own Cultured Humor
In Telecataplm I learned to produce more of my own cultured humorcredit: Gabriella Acher

– What did he mean? telecataplum, hupumorpho You comic color In your artistic life with your Uruguayan colleagues?

-Infinite joy and continuous learning. Top most telecataplum, which was very different from the others, as it contained scripts by George and Daniel Sheik, which was one of the most creative things I found on television, and from whom I later learned to create my own cultured and elegant humor as they gave me . He taught and for which I will be forever grateful. In hupumorpho I had the pleasure of working with Juan Carlos Mesa, whom I fondly remember; and in comic color I started writing my own characters, Chochi the Talkative, Lorena Del Valle, etc.

Tell me how you came up with Antonio Gasalla and Tato Bourse, the comic capo with whom you worked a lot.

-I met Antonio in the ’70s and we became friends immediately. I admire him so much already and I will never thank him enough for the opportunity he has given me to do those two wonderful seasons with him at the Estrellas Theater: gasalla below You gasla for export, I learned a lot with him, not only watching him act, Because I think he is by far the best comedian in Argentina who has natural talent but is also highly educated. But he also had the generosity to share that knowledge with me. He believed in me and gave me a wonderful opportunity to shine in his show. Years later we switched to television. created a new version of waiting for the car, Glad to be able to work with him.

Gabriella Echer Traveled Frequently Between Uruguay And Argentina Until, In The 1970S, She Settled Permanently.
Gabriella Echer traveled frequently between Uruguay and Argentina until, in the 1970s, she settled permanently. credit: Gabriella Acher

-Hebleme de Tato.

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I met him much later in 1989. They hired me to play a pollster, because it was election time. The script for me and the rest of the cast was written by his sons Alejandro and Sebastian. They were excellent! And as I have always believed, they are the key to any artistic expression. Because without a good script it is impossible for me to build humour. And he made me feel good. the character was kind of wrong and tato always kicked him out, Once I had a thought to say to him: “Do you know what you are, Tato? A man Leninist!”. He liked my idea so much that he started turning the character into a crazy feminist who made men in bathtubs with a powdered juice and they won me Martin Fierro.

– How would you define them both?

Two geniuses that fate wanted to bring my way, and for which I will never thank enough.

-You can’t deny that she was the first feminist to talk about masculinity on TV, an idea that she multiplied in her books and on her shows.

I’ll never deny it, and what’s more, I generally say that I’ve been a feminist from a time when there was more to a handbook than an ideology.

Gabriella Etcher Worked All Her Life For Fun And Entertainment: She Worked With Great People Like Tato Bourse, Juan Carlos Mesa, Antonio Gasalla Among Many Others.
Gabriella Etcher worked all her life for fun and entertainment: she worked with great people like Tato Bourse, Juan Carlos Mesa, Antonio Gasalla among many others. Patricio Piddle/AFV

In addition to being an actress, screenwriter and comedian, she has written several books and even gives TED Talks, which role do you feel better in, as they all have to do with experiences?

Where I feel better, I’m starring in my solo shows, with texts written by me that come out of my books. There I was able to join my action with my thought and the satisfaction is complete.

In one of your books, “Something About My Mother,” you analyze motherhood as a daughter and as a mother, what are the differences?

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– They are remarkable. I summarize it this way: When I was a girl there was no respect for boys. Now that I have grown up I have no respect for older people. So I have, respectfully, never seen this happen. I memorized it back and forth.

Gabriella Etcher’s Humor: Years Go By And It Still Holds On

He had separated from his son’s father many years ago. Do you have other loves or couples that you like to remember or better forget?

I don’t talk about my personal life.

– He had a son, Rodrigo, who gave him a granddaughter, Vera, tell me about him.

He is the biggest love of my life. a blessing.

– How did you come to work in Spain successfully?

-I took my character from Chocchi La Dicharachera in the program Chicho Ibáez Cerador and liked it. When I met him I told him: ‘Chicho, I’m Chicho, happy to shake your right’. And he hired me. Chocchi was also similar to chocho, which is a dirty word in Spain, so it became Charito Muchamarcha. I had to script all new because it’s definitely another language.

Gabriella Etcher Receives La Nacion Minutes Before She Takes The Stage At The Regina Theatre, Where She Performs Every Sunday At 7:00 Pm.
Gabriella Etcher receives LA NACION minutes before she takes the stage at the Regina Theatre, where she performs every Sunday at 7:00 PM.Patricio Piddle/AFV

-What is “What does a girl like me do at this age?”, the one-person show you do every Sunday at 7:00 pm at Teatro Regina? Is this an update to the book he knew how to “release men” and proposed a swap scheme to exchange the used 40-year-old husband for two 20-year-olds, Or does he only offer to laugh at the age?

I made a commitment to accompany women with humor in every phase I went through. “What is a girl like me doing at such a young age?” I do a TED talk of sorts in which I address generations in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, developing a theory that these generations have more fun than their mothers and grandmothers, 20 years ago. Managing the aging genes . So the 70s are the new 50s, the 60s are the new 40s, the 40s are the new 20s and the 20s are not born yet.

– How do you keep pace with the passage of time?

-ok, Thank you.

Gabriella Etcher Speaks With The Humor Of The Passage Of Time: &Quot;The 70S Are The New 50S, The 60S Are The New 40S, The 40S Are The New 20S, And The 20S Just Aren'T Born.&Quot;
Gabriella Etcher speaks—with humor—of the passage of time: “The 70s are the new 50s, the 60s are the new 40s, the 40s are the new 20s, and their 20s ain’t born yet “Patricio Piddle/AFV

Which comrades of yesterday and today do you admire?

-Antonio, Tato, Carlos Perciavale, Cecilia Rossetto, Mirtha Busnelli, Marilyn Ross, Nelly Linez, Carmen Vallejo, Pinti, Oscar Martinez, Les Luthiers, Osvaldo Miranda and Ernesto Bianco, whom I had the pleasure of working with. Brother-in-law, The list is huge, not everyone fits in this report.

-How was the experience of your own program, let’s have a joke,

Amazing and exhausting.

How do you analyze the progress and development of feminism in Argentina?

– Very happy, because I did not think that I would have to see him in this life.

-Do you regret anything?

-No, everything worked to grow.


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