‘She was my friend’ – mourns cinematographer Alec Baldwin

'She was my friend' - mourns cinematographer Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin first spoke publicly on camera about a cinematographer he fatally shot on the set of Rust, calling her his friend and saying he was “in constant contact” with her grieving family.

“She was my friend,” Baldwin told photographers on Saturday by the side of a road in Vermont. “We were a very, very well-tuned team, filming a film together, and then this terrible thing happened.” The video was distributed by TMZ.

Investigators believe that a single live shot was fired from Baldwin’s pistol, killing cameraman Halina Hutchins and injuring director Joel Sousa.

Baldwin was joined by his wife, Hilaria, when he was talking to photographers, and she filmed the conversation with her smartphone, often trying to silence her husband. Baldwin said he spoke out to get photographers to stop spying on his family.

Baldwin called the shooting incident “a one in a trillion case” and said he met with Hutchins’ husband. “He is shocked, he has a 9-year-old son. We are in constant contact with him, because we are very worried about his family and his child. As I said, we look forward to the sheriff informing us of what their investigation yielded.

Investigators from New Mexico, where the shooting occurred, said there was “some complacency” in how to handle the weapon. on the set of the film, but it is too early to determine if charges will be brought.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said a search of the western TV series Rust found 500 rounds – a mixture of blanks, blanks, and presumably live rounds.

The detectives discovered a lead projectile, which, in their opinion, was fired by the actor. Tests are under way to confirm whether the shell taken from Sousa’s shoulder was fired from the same Colt long revolver that Baldwin used. The FBI will help with the ballistics analysis.

Sousa, who was behind Hutchins, told investigators that there should be no live ammunition near the scene.

District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altvis said investigators cannot yet say if it was negligence or by whom. She called it a difficult case that will require additional research and analysis.