She was working as a stewardess in the US

She was working as a stewardess in the US and a passenger compromised her on an order
In the middle of a commercial flight, he was asked a question that made him think for a moment. That was the first time I heard something like that. And that’s when he caught her interest. A flight attendant has revealed the strangest request she received from a passenger.

Young Vera presented herself to her networks as a flight attendant from the United States. This month, he decided to talk about an episode he allegedly experienced during his work hours.

One time, he explained, he was doing his usual duties on the plane when a passenger approached him. This man, who seemed nervous, warned Vera that he was going to ask her a “strange” question.

A “strange” question

Soon after, the passenger told the flight attendant that his girlfriend – who was traveling with him at the time – was “very angry” with him. Then, the man asked Vera if he could use the plane’s loudspeaker to send a message to his partner.

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The person in question intended to publicly apologize to his partner, through a message read on loudspeakers, and also dedicated some words of affection to him.

“I’m excited about the idea,” said Vera, who is from Boston. Although he seemed interested in the proposal, the flight attendant was worried about one issue: “I asked him what happened that made his girlfriend so angry. I said, ‘You must have done something wrong asking for it.’

Immediately, according to his story, the passenger explained that the argument with his partner stemmed from something “stupid.” However, he did not divulge the details.