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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Shiv Sena attacked the center, Corona has crossed the level of danger in the face, where is Delhieshwar?

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Indrajit Singh, Mumbai: The second wave of Corona has exploded in the country. More than 2 lakh new cases of corona are coming in the country for three consecutive days. In Maharashtra too, the situation is getting worse with Corona. Despite the night curfew, weekend lockdown and now lockdown in Maharashtra, Corona is not taking the name of the pace of infection. Meanwhile, Shiv Sena has once again attacked the central government over the Corona crisis. The Shiv Sena has carried out this attack on the Center through its mouthpiece Saamana.

The Shiv Sena has written in an editorial in its mouthpiece Saamana that in the last twenty-four hours the number of corona patients in the country has crossed two lakhs. But the electoral fair and religious Kumbh Mela in the country are not ready to stop at all. Lakhs of devotees have reached Haridwar for the Kumbh Mela. He took a royal bath in the Ganges. Due to this, the corona connection has increased throughout the country. Even the Prime Minister is not ready to stop the election fairs of West Bengal. Why blame the saints and saints of the Kumbh Mela there?

It is further written in the encounter that the government blamed China for Corona’s first crisis. But where is China now? China’s economy is growing rapidly. Whether or not Corona has been destroyed by China cannot be said. But there are no reports of corona from China. China will also be responsible for the first wave of Corona in India, but for the second storm that has come today, only the Election Commission and the Central Government are fully responsible.

The Shiv Sena says that coronas were spread across the country at least five hundred times faster than the states where elections were held or are being held. Election, disregarding Corona for political selfishness, caused Delhi to create a wave of epidemic. There is a lack of life in the country. There has been a shortage of Remadecivir. Beds, ventilators are falling short. The dead bodies and crematoriums are chock full.

Let foreign vaccines come to the Indian market, Rahul Gandhi was shouting. Then Mr. Gandhi is a broker of foreign vaccine companies, such criticism was made by the Union Minister of BJP. But now, as soon as the condition of the country was out of control, foreign vaccines were approved to enter India. Meaning that the study and wisdom of Rahul Gandhi is much higher than the present rulers of Delhi and Rahul Gandhi is a hundred steps ahead of the government in the battle of Corona.

It is doing well in BJP ruled states. They have no complaints here. But states like Maharashtra are proving to be unsuccessful in the war against Corona, now the Union Health Minister has been forced to hide his face by states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat. The question is that if the West Bengal BJP wins tomorrow, is the Corona crisis going to be eliminated from the country? Or if the BJP is defeated in West Bengal, then the coronation of Corona is also going to shake hands on Mamta Banerjee, Delhi

Had the Center reduced the dose of politics and focused on the Corona war, the situation would have certainly come under control. When has the corona crisis exceeded the danger level. The country including Delhi seems to be suffering. The scene was horrific, he seems to be getting more dangerous.


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