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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Shocking: Rakhi Sawant got the biggest cheat, husband Ritesh is already married

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Mumbai. Makers are working hard to make Bigg Boss 14 entertaining. In order to keep this season in the TRP list, the makers also made several experiments and the result of that experiment is Rakhi Sawant. Queen Rakhi Sawant of Entertainment has made a sensational reveal. Rakhi Sawant says that she has been cheated. Her husband Ritesh is already married. She said this at Bigg Boss house, she was talking to Devolina and during this time, Rakhi told her about her married life.

Talking to Devolina about her husband, Rakhi said, they have saved their eggs. There are some reasons, because of which Rakhi and Riteish cannot be together. The biggest truth of his life is told by Rakhi to Rahul Vaidya. During this, Rakhi becomes very emotional. Rakhi has revealed to Rahul Vaidya that her husband is already married and has a child.

Let us tell you that since he has confirmed the news of Rakhi Sawant’s marriage, the media has been waiting for her husband, but Rakhi Sawant’s husband has not yet come before the people. There was also speculation that Rakhi’s husband would come to Bigg Boss house, but how true this news is, it will only tell the time to come.

Recently, Rakhi’s brother Rakesh Sawant had told sister Rakhi to be truthful in front of the media. Rakhi’s brother says, ‘My sister has not pretended to be married. Her husband lives in Poland. When my sister Rakhi got married she told the whole world she did not do any drama. My Ritesh brother-in-law is not a concoction. When both were married, their family was present in that marriage. My maternal uncle and maternal aunt also attended this wedding. Rakhi does not need to lie about marriage. Never pretended to be married when they had not married. ‘


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