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Should you exercise when you are sick?

john huff He is Full Professor of Exercise Physiology at Nottingham Trent University (UK). This expert has written an article on Conversation In which he asks whether a person should exercise when he is ill.

“Exercising regularly is good for your immune system; some research suggests it may also reduce your risk of upper respiratory infections, like the common cold. Even 30 minutes five times a week Moderate exercise is also low. enough to make a profit“Huff the dice.

“Since exercise is good for our immune system, some people may think that exercising when sick can make you ‘sweat’. Unfortunately, when it comes to the common cold, there is no evidence that sick exercise while May shorten the illness or make it less severe“, the expert continues.

that’s how it works

“There are a few reasons why exercise is beneficial to our immune system. The first may be partly explained by the hormones that are released when we exercise. These are called catecholaminesWhich people may know better as epinephrine and norepinephrine,” Huff revealed.

“These hormones play an important role in the functioning of our immune system by causing the rapid release of important immune cells.” Help detect the presence of viruses or other pathogens in the body,” the authors say.

“They also increase the amount of movement of our immune cells between blood and tissue, which is important in helping immune cells detect and prevent diseases caused by viruses or other pathogens. Research suggests that exercise is one way in that we can raise the levels of these important hormones in our bodies,” Huff says.

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“When we exercise, it also increases blood flow to help our bodies meet the increased demands of exercise. This increased blood flow increases the pressure on our blood vessels, which are responsible for producing natural killer cells and blood vessels.” Releases specific immune cells called T cells that can be found dormant in the walls of our blood vessels, natural killer cells and T cells They play an important role in the elimination of cells infected with a virus”, the author continues.

Older adults who exercise regularly over a one-month period have been shown to have faster healing of skin lesions.

“Exercise can benefit our fight against infection in other ways as well. For example, older adults who exercise regularly over a one-month period may notice scarring.” rapid skin lesions compared to a control group that didn’t exercise,” he explains.

“All of these mechanisms together can improve our immune system and reduce the risk of getting sick from viral infections. You don’t even have to be a gym goer to see the benefits,” Huff says.

benefits of exercise

“Three studies have shown that when people who didn’t exercise started brisk walking regularly for 40 to 45 minutes five days a week, they experienced 40 fewer symptoms of respiratory tract infection than a control group. Seen in 50 percent fewer days,” reveals. Author.

“Despite the benefits of exercise on our immune system, it’s hard to know whether to exercise. being sick with a cold It will help you recover from your illness faster if you don’t exercise,” Hough explains.

Despite the benefits of exercise on our immune systems, it’s hard to know whether exercising when sick with a cold will help you get over your illness quicker than not exercising at all.

“So, since exercise is good for the immune system, why doesn’t exercise improve the immune response when you’re sick? immune system to infection?” asks the author.

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“It is important to remember that exercise can stress the body, This stress, in turn, can make immune cells less able to respond to pathogens. This may be due to the fact that when we exercise the body needs more oxygen and stored energy (in the form of glucose), which our immune cells also need to help fight off viruses, Huff says.

“If the body is fighting an existing infection and is then exposed to the stress of exercise, it may not benefit the immune response,” Hough says. “But at present there is no evidence that while exercising sick with cold You can help get over it faster, that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise,” the author continues.

“If you want to exercise when you’re sick, be sure to take precautions, especially if you’re exercising with other people. Since colds are contagious, it may be best to skip the gym and work out.” outdoor exercise Or to avoid spreading it at home,” the author continues.

“Regular exercise is a great way to help your immune system fight off many different types of infections, including the common cold and possibly even covid-19. But don’t feel left out if you’re sick. So you have to exercise,” says Huff.. “Sometimes the best remedy for a cold is to rest, stay hydrated And take pain relievers if necessary,” he concluded.

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