‘Shut Up and Get Behind Him!’ Rep Tells Dems to Stop Worrying About Biden

 'Shut Up and Get Behind Him!'  Rep Tells Dems to Stop Worrying About Biden

New Jersey Democratic Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman told Democrats worried about the President by Joe Biden age of “Shut up and just walk behind him!” – Warning failure to do so may give victory to the “crazy” former President Donald Trump.

Rep. Bonnie, as she is known, is a guest on SiriusXM’s Friday edition Dean Obeidallah Showat the time host Dean Obeidallah asked him about the continuing theme of President Biden’s age:

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: The Democrats are concerned right now, oh is President Biden the right man or not. And I think he is. But that depends on the people.

SEARCHED BY REP. BONNIE WATSON COLEMAN: First of all, Democrats should be determined to support Joe Biden. There is no reason not to support Joe Biden. He has done a great job for the country. So shut up! And just walk behind him the way you have to. And go and be there with enthusiasm, because we’re not asking you to do a favor. We ask you to support the man who has done so much for this country in such a short term. And I think you, everybody will know that he went there with the UAW. There are some great ads right now. I pray that they continue because they speak specifically to different aspects of the community and how the community is – how their needs and their desires and are given dignity by the law and the positions taken by the administration .

And when we enter the post November this year, get some real. Campaigning. And we’re all talking very strongly about what we’ve accomplished and what we can accomplish again and how we can do it with the administration that appears in the 117th Congress. I think the people of this country will see. I pray because our democracy is hanging by a chain. And if that crazy person is re-elected, somehow, we will lose our democracy because what he wants to do is to consolidate all power, all responsibility and all authority in the office of the president. And that sounds like an autocracy. But under him, it was a kleptocracy.

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