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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Side Effect: Giloy is harmful to health, threat to diabetes patients

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In the Korana era, all of us have done various things to increase immunity. Among all these, Giloy leaves have been consumed the most. Giloy is an Ayurvedic medicine that we have been using for years. According to Ayurveda, Giloy is said to be the root of Amrita, which has rich properties of Ayurveda. If you want, you can use Giloy in juice, capsules and powder.

Giloy tastes mildly bitter. Giloy has been approved by the Food and Drug Association to use it as a medicine in many treatments. Some people drink Giloy in capsule, powder and juice form. At the same time, some drink it by boiling it in water. You all will know about the benefits of Giloy. But it has many disadvantages. Which is harmful to our health.

Diabetes patients should be cautious

Consuming too much Giloy can reduce the level of sugar in the blood. In fact, diabetes patients use Giloy to reduce the sugar level. But excessive consumption of Giloy can cause hypoglycaemia. In such a situation, it should be drunk only after consulting a doctor.

Constipation problem

Giloy is drunk to strengthen the digestive system. However, excessive consumption can lead to problems such as stomach pain and constipation.

Auto immunity disorder

During the Corona period, people consumed the most Giloy to increase immunity. But drinking excessively increases the risk of auto immune disorder in the body. Due to this, many types of diseases can occur.

How much to consume in a day

You can consume a glass of Giloy juice daily to stay healthy. Apart from this, if you are eating in capsule or powder form, then eat only after consulting the doctor.

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