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Silvia Pascual caught Luis Enrique red-handed organizing the changes to Silvia Pinal’s will

  • Troubles began in March 2022, Luis Enrique Guzmán began producing a documentary in tribute to his mother and invited his sister Alejandra Guzmán to participate with him, but he completely rejected his half-sister Silvia Pasquale. kicked out Obviously, this is where the distance began.

  • In September 2022, after Silvia Paquel’s audio surfaced against Luis Enrique, she exploded more: “My brother has changed a lot, I see him very hungry, I see him very interested in everything about inheritance And what he wants to know is how much property is there, where is the money… Everything indicates that he wants to keep everything.’

  • In November 2022: A person close to the family told us that Luis allegedly called his half-sister a “rat” because he had taken many of their mother’s belongings, such as work clothes, headdresses and paintings, to a museum. Gaye-bar which was opened by Sylvia Pascal in her Forum, although she had her mother’s permission.

dispute between Sylvia Pascual why Luis Enrique Guzmanchildren aged 72 and 52 respectively Sylvia Pinal92, did not stop, and a few days ago there was a new confrontation between them when Pascual learned that his younger brother had already arranged an appointment between him and his mother, with her mother’s notary, In this regard a family friend told us:

– How is Dona Silvia Pinal?
“Very well, even extremely active, she does not stop moving from place to place: in recent weeks she was a guest in the program Mess Noche by Israel Zaitovich; she travels to Acapulco with her daughter Silvia Pasquale. visited a primary school in Morelos; he led the distribution of Bravo Awards from his foundation; and he also went to the birthday of Representative Sergio Gabriel, in a club where drugs are presented”.

-How good!…
“Yes, at the age of 92, Donna Silvia, thank God she is full of encouragement and we are all very happy to see her so full, hope she will last us a very long time.”

Unfortunately the scams don’t stop…
“It is. I wish her children would stop having problems with each other, so that Donna Silvia can have that happiness.”

Do problems persist between children?
“Especially between La Pasquale and Luis Enrique, who declared wholesale war right in 2022.”

-And there have already been many fights, haven’t they?
“Yeah, the first time in March when she didn’t include him in a documentary; Then in September some audio surfaced of La Pasquale speaking ill of her, that he saw her as awful about her inheritance; and the last conflict, in November, when Luis Enrique allegedly accused her of being a “pigeon” after she took many of her mother’s belongings such as work clothes, headdresses and paintings to a museum-bar, which she had opened in his forum, however he did, he had his mother’s permission.”

But they have been seen together on special occasions.
“Pure spectacle; In March, La Pasquel and Luis Enrique appeared as if nothing had happened at a tribute to Doña Silvia from the Las Vegas Walk of Fame at CDMX, or last August when they posed together for a Spanish publication on the occasion of the tribute. The picture was taken. his mother in the Palacio de Bellas Artes; And now in this new year, but they do it only so as not to show what is behind it and it is getting worse.

-What are you talking about?
“Much has been said of La Pasquale’s fear that his brother would persuade his mother to disown him or make him sign a paper with which the will was changed, but so far it has been feared only as a possibility Was; However, it may already be about to become a reality.

Silvia Pascual Caught Luis Enrique Red-Handed Organizing The Changes To Silvia Pinal's Will

“A few days ago, Sylvia Pasquale learned that her brother had already made an appointment with her mother’s notary between her and her mother, this in secret, without anyone else in the family knowing.”

-And how did you know?
“It turns out that one day, the notary called Mrs. Sylvia’s house to confirm the appointment and by pure coincidence the one who answered was her assistant Ephigenia, who did not hesitate to tell La Pasquale immediately.”

-And what did La Pascale say?
“Obviously he was furious and informed Louis, but he didn’t even reply to her, so she sent him a message that he shouldn’t think of playing such a trick, as he would be making a public display of it.” “

Didn’t get any response from him?
“Luis Enrique sent to Ephigenia to tell her to stop making up stories in her mind, that the appointment with the notary was to see about some pending documents, but nothing about the inheritance; However, Pascal doesn’t believe her at all and is certain that she plans to get him to change the will.

Silvia Pascual Caught Luis Enrique Red-Handed Organizing The Changes To Silvia Pinal's Will

-And did Luis Enrique take his mother with the notary?
“No; in the face of pressure from her older half-sister, she no longer took him, but La Pasquale is afraid that any carelessness of theirs will take her away and very fearful change, that’s why she now took taken the scale”.

-What kind of solutions?
“Now she accompanies her mother almost all the time to check on her activities, and when she is unable to go on a trip or due to some commitments, she has asked Ephigenia to be with her all the time so that His brother ‘Don’t do anything to him. Relations”.

-Is Ephigenia part of La Pasquale?
“Yes, and she also bequeathed with an apartment that Mrs. Sylvia would leave her, but now Luis Enrique has her in his sight. He was furious because he told Sylvia about the notary, because that meeting Because of this, and he knows that he will tell everything to his half-sister, so he wants to throw her out.

Silvia Pascual Caught Luis Enrique Red-Handed Organizing The Changes To Silvia Pinal's Will

– But Mrs. Sylvia trusts him…
“He has been at her side for more than thirty years, but according to La Pasquale, he is the only one of Doña Silvia’s staff who still needs Luis Enrique out of the way; Well, he’s already fired his maid, Mrs. Marie, his driver, Domingo, and his theater manager, Monica Marban.

Is there an executor of the will?
“Yes, this is the producer Tina Galindo, but right now she cannot do anything, although she supports La Pasquale. Its function is that when Mrs. Sylvia is no more, the will signs are fulfilled, but now She cannot stop Mrs. Sylvia’s arrangement, even though La Pasquale believes her brother wants to impress her”.

– Did Luis Enrique not want to remove Tina Galindo?
“Of course, but you know it’s more complicated, because an employee is not the same as a successful producer and the whole family and all the friends of Dona Silvia; Even Tina has always handled herself very carefully, never wanting to admit to the media that she is a hangover…but let’s see what happens. Luis Enrique never dared to make an appointment with a notary, but now that you do, he’ll find himself in everyone’s eyes.

Finally, we learned that Mrs. Sylvia Pinal was ill…
“Yes, she had the flu right in the middle of Christmas, but still had her children Alejandra and Luis Enrique at her house with her, and her inseparable Effy,” he concluded.

Silvia Pascual Caught Luis Enrique Red-Handed Organizing The Changes To Silvia Pinal's Will
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