'Situation is serious', he demands investigation into water crisis in Katjamala

'Situation is serious', he demands investigation into water crisis in Katjamala

Civil society organizations called for l Council of Ministers of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CCA)To vote in favor of preparation of a Fact File (In-depth Investigation), created under T-MEC Lack of environmental law enforcement in Valle de Bravo the one who is drowned The worst water crisis in the history of the Katazamala system.

The petition that the NGOs want to file against the Mexican government is dated May 15, 2023, citing “omissions in the effective application of environmental laws with respect to the protection of forests, biodiversity and water resources affected by erosion and soil processes.” “Included. Erosion and pollution, and also by the impact of changes in forest land use to privilege real estate construction and urban infrastructure in the municipality of Valle de Bravo-Amanalco Subbasin and Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico.

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Mexican Environmental Law Center (CEMDA); Procuenca; Mexican Civil Council for Sustainable Forestry (CCMSS); Others, including the Mexican Alliance for Wildlife Conservation and the Avandaro Colonos Association, highlighted that, eight months after the application was submitted, The situation is serious and unprecedented To the mayors and municipalities of Mexico City and the State of Mexico.

In recent days, CDMX and Mexico state authorities have had to take emergency measures through several mayors and cuts of water supplies of up to 800 liters per second, after the Cutzamala dams recorded historic storage levels of an average of 39 percent. Municipalities, which are already causing social conflicts, blockades and disputes over vital fluids, not to mention environmental impacts due to water shortages, concentration of pollutants in rivers and dams, as well as erosion processes and soil erosion. Are not failing. Subbasin only,” he said.

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Drought in mexico

Organizations indicated that Drought has hit much of the Mexican Republic Over the past two years, the lack of comprehensive and long-term measures for the management of subbasins, including the protection of forests as water factories, in the face of land use changes and excessive deforestation, has led to a raft of environmental, social and public health impacts. The outcome of the series which is becoming a secret today; “Not without mentioning the economic damage it would cause to the tourism sector, on which Valle de Bravo depends for its subsistence.”

The solution to the water and environmental crisis of the Amanalco-Valle de Bravo subbasin, as well as the areas that depend on its environmental services, must be based on comprehensive and coordinated planning between different levels of government, federal, state and municipal. , with the support of organized civil society. We need to focus on public policies that are needed with long-term planning, not emergency measures that don’t attack the root problem,” he warned.

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He further said that Mexican authorities’ response “The central questions that remain open merit the preparation of a fact file to clarify the effective application of environmental legislation. The said instrument will, in our opinion, seek a joint and comprehensive solution to the problems currently faced by the above mentioned Subbasin This could serve as a starting point for the 2017 NDA, which would demand adequate coordination and inclusion of various government sectors, private initiatives and social sectors involved.


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