Six artists for the final contemporary dance show at the Festival de las Murallas

Six artists for the final contemporary dance show at the Festival de las Murallas

The double dance proposal included in the program ends this Saturday Festival of the Walls of City Council of Pamplona the cycles “Tanz, tanz cursed” and “Damned Night”. Four 15-minute performances are planned for the first part, which starts at 8:00 p.m. in the Rincón del Caballo Blanco and goes through the Ronda del Obispo Barbazán.

The Sevillian Cristina Hall will start with her choreography “Simbiosis”. As a dancer and choreographer, Hall is a flamenco dance artist with a personal technique and vision. He will be replaced by Pieri Margherita, who in his choreography “Il Rossignuolo” will perform a glorification of mimicry and onomatopoeia reminiscent of the song that awakens spring. Margherita de Pieri, born in 1998, has been dancing for the Atzewi Dance Company since 2016 and has been appearing as a performer at important events and festivals since 2020.

As a third proposal, in 2012 Compagnia Bellanda Ets was born as a project, an Italian dance company interested in a hybrid movement that emerges from urban dance (breaking) to later extrapolate it. It is the first municipal company to receive official recognition. of the Ministry of Culture. His proposal is a continuous tension in search of the whole body. Finally, the “Anunnaki Ceremony” from Morocco will arrive at the Kiki House of Anunnaki. Anouar is a multidisciplinary, anti-colonial, feminist, queer/non-binary artist, she dances her politics and politicizes her dance, working on caring, empowerment, boundaries and the freedom of diverse bodies. Its main goal is by and for a group of racialized people – LGBTQ+.

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As always, at the opening, closing and tours of the various places where the performances will take place, the spectators will be guided by a group of young people who practice parkour, the art of moving from one point to another while maintaining the Obstacles to be overcome urban space presented.

Zaratiegi and Ballano, cursed night

And from 10 p.m. the last session of the “Malditos Night” with “Zaratton” begins in the Jito Alai. Live’. Pablo Zaratiegi (Pamplona, ​​​​​​1980) is a computer scientist by profession, txalapartari and trained in electronic music and sound synthesis. He has conducted numerous and diverse researches in the field of audio, such as electronic txalaparta and immersive 3D surround audio systems. In 2020 he created the soundtrack for the live show “Arbasoak” by Martín Etxauri and developed his own system for the 13 loudspeakers in the dome of the Pamplona Planetarium. In 2021 he created an interactive immersive sound installation for the Jaulab system, 24.1, manufactured in the Acoustics Laboratory of the Public University of Navarra (UPNA).

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After him, at 11:00 p.m., David Ballano (Pamplona, ​​​​​​​​1981) will arrive, who will be in charge of directing the musical thread, accompanying the other artists and designing the concept of this new space. The multidisciplinary artist, trained in audio, visual, automation and robotics, takes us on this occasion on a journey with the best selection of the so-called electronic music style Intelligent Dance Music (IDM).


  • White Horse – Barbazana Round. Saturdays. 8:00 p.m. Saturday, August 19: “Symbiosis”, Cristina Hall (Granada); “Il Rossignuolo”, Margherita de Pieri (Italy); and “Symposium”, Bellanda Ets Company (Italy); “Anunnaki Ceremony”, Kiki House of the Anunnaki
  • The Backflip Parkour Company will accompany the audience from one performance to the next each day.
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Jito Alai. Saturdays. 10:00 p.m. Electronic music and dance

  • Saturday, August 19: 10 p.m.: Paul. Live; 11:15 p.m.: David Ballano. DJ resident


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