Six-month deposits rose to 4.25% yield and control ECB rates

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She European Central Bank (ECB) made a turn in his monetary policy in August last year, adopting a stricter policy to control runaway inflation in Europe. This led to a change in the strategies of various banks, which began to offer new deposit offers and accounts with the aim of attracting new clients and maintaining existing ones.

Six-month deposits offered by entities in Spain and Europe are already available they start at clearly more than 4% APR, which is close to the 4.5% interest rate set by the ECB since September. These are the best offers in the market for deposits of this duration.

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she Global Investment Bank recently launched a six-month Grand Deposit with a 4.25% APR for new customers. This is a fixed-term deposit, and its request requires an investment minimum 10,000 euros, which does not exceed 75,000. It is one of the most profitable six-month deposits in the entire Eurozone. Unlike the product launched a few months ago, this is not an integrated product.

Another six-month deposit exceeding 4% APR is presented in the account The truth in the group BFF Banking Group. It offers a profit of 4,25% TAE for balances of between 5,000 euros and 3,000,000 euros. It has no early cancellation, and is aimed at new customers. Your contract can be executed online.

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One of the first banks that offered profitable deposits after the inflation crisis was Santander Bank through its subsidiary Openbank. Your six-month deposit, which started with a yield of 0.20% in September 2022, has been upgraded to reach 3.07% TAE. To request this deposit, it is necessary to direct the deposit of a payroll of at least 600 euros for at least 4 months.

The six-month deposit EBN Banco offers a profit on 3%with value minimum of 10,000 euros and a maximum of 400,000. You have a free affiliate account and early cancellation is not available.

MyInvestor It also offers profit on 3% TAE of your six-month deposit, with a minimum amount of 10,000 euros and a maximum of 100,000. To contract it, it is necessary to open a checking account in the bank, which offers a 2% shit up to 50,000 euros in the first year and from there the deposit will be contracted.

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ING Direct for its part, offers a 4.00% APR interest of your 6 month deposit, recently updated, but in this case the offer is aimed at clients who have saved in the last eleven months.