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Six Reasons Why You Might Not Be Sleeping Well and What to do About It

When you are not sleeping well, it’s something that can very quickly spiral out of control. If you go a night or two with poor or restless sleep, that may only impact you in the short term, but ongoing sleep deficiency can really lead to severe issues that are not so easily resolved and can become a long-term problem you struggle to reverse.

Sleep is one of those parts of our lives that we don’t think about enough, especially if we are sleeping well. We can often become complacent about how vital getting the right number of hours a night until we suddenly experience a succession of nights that reminds us of the value of a good night’s sleep.

So what causes poor sleep patterns? What are the issues that are usually to blame for a change in our nighttime routine? Research conducted by Betway insider digs deeper into how you can make sure you continue to sleep well, and below, we dig into the main factors that may have hampered your ability to get to sleep.


This is the most common cause of a bad night’s sleep. Constantly mulling over an issue as you are trying to nod off is a widespread complaint. These stresses could be about anything and, when examined in a resting state, can often expand into much bigger worries.

An excellent way to counter this is to listen to some relaxing, soothing music or perhaps an audiobook, anything that pulls your mind away from those nagging thoughts.

Eating Late

It’s best to ensure you don’t eat anything substantial for at least an hour or two before you sleep. A snack is okay, but even then, it’s not going to help you to sleep as your body is still in a digestive state. This can also cause heartburn and acid reflux, which make you feel uncomfortable and, therefore, not an ideal situation that is conducive to sleeping well.

Irregular Sleep Patterns

Those who sleep at regular hours and get used to a routine are far more likely to fall into a deep, peaceful sleep. Their bodies are conditioned and ready to sleep at a specific time, and that aids their chances of drifting off at the right time. If you’re going to sleep at different hours, then your body isn’t really likely to cooperate.

Lack of Exercise

If you work out, even in a moderate fashion, you are far more likely to sleep well as your body will feel as if it has earned the need for a rest. However, try to avoid conducting this exercise too close to bedtime, as your body may be too hyped up to sleep.


If you are in pain, and it might not even be a case of a soaring agony that you are feeling, then you will find it hard to concentrate on getting to sleep. You won’t be able to get comfortable, and pretty soon, every position you adopt will not be right. You’ll be tossing and turning.

Don’t ignore the issue; visit a doctor and have the problem checked out; otherwise, the lack of sleep will only further hinder you.

Your Phone

Too many of us are glued to our mobile screens just before trying to sleep, and if you think about it, it’s obvious this won’t help when we finally want to get some rest. Our minds are too stimulated, and you may even cause yourself to have headaches from the constant strain of viewing your screens. Put down the phone at least an hour before bed, and we are confident your sleep will significantly improve.

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