Skin and bones don’t look good


Nicole Kidman scared internet users by posting a series of photos of just one t-shirt. “I’m worried about your thinness,” commented one follower. “Make a double cheese burger with bacon and extra mayonnaise. Come on, girl, skin and bones are bad!” said another person. “An amazing actress, but I think it’s better not to flash too thin,” added a third.

In the photos, published on Thursday (30), the actress wears a t-shirt and her legs are exposed in support of #AusMusicTShirtDay, a fundraising event for artists and music workers in Australia. , the country where he was naturalized.

“Celebrate Australian music for today’s #AusMusicTShirtDay! Drop a t-shirt from one of your favorite Australian artists to raise funds for music through music,” Nicole wrote in the caption.

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The website Radar Online reports that Nicole has lost more than 9 kg in recent months, which has worried people close to the actress. At 56 years old, he, who is 1.80m tall, weighs about 47.5kg.


In 2019, Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman was banned from attending the wedding of their son Connor, 24, who married an Italian woman named Silvia. According to the website Radar Online, the actress told her son not to call his mother.

“Tom is behind it. He gave the order and Connor followed,” a source revealed to the American portal.

According to the publication, Tom never looked back after ending his marriage with Nicole. In addition, the informant also disclosed that Connor idolized his father and did not oppose it.

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Tom apparently has a good relationship with his future daughter-in-law, who comes from a family of Scientologists. Nicole, who is Catholic, according to Radar, blames Scientology for the end of her relationship with Tom and the separation of Connor and Isabella, the couple’s other adopted daughter.