Skoda: The first official sketches of the Skoda Octavia 2024 confirm: the RS will continue to exist

Skoda: The first official sketches of the Skoda Octavia 2024 confirm: the RS will continue to exist

Las salon They may be on short notice, but skoda octavia It has not lost even an iota of its qualities. On the contrary, it is improving its weak points – such as design– until it became quite an attractive model.

This year 2024 we will see Another step in its development with the advent of to restyle of their current generation quarterin which we have seen progress electrification A new, more modern concept of its engine and interior.

Will we fall in love with the renovation?

We’ll have to see what Skoda is capable of to restyle (UPDATED) of your sedan Teaches (which is sold in sedan silhouette three sections and familiar combi, But, for now, the date he has chosen to show the world shows that he wants to trick us into falling in love. This will happen 14 February When we know all its information.

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In the meantime we’ll have to make do with this first official sketch which discovers the main lines of new octavia 2024, These designs point to greater integration Grill At the front, which lengthens longitudinally until it almost merges with the headlights.

You can guess in the pictures New front light signature (headlights will be matrix led second generation), much more modern, which is completed with a Redesigned bumper For a completely renewed front look.

The most significant change at the back is the disappearance of the logo.

There is also a sketch of guard, although in this case the innovations appear to be more contained. He gate logo Yes, it has a new configuration as the winged arrow has now been replaced by ‘Skoda’ spelling,

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of interior part No plans have been provided yet, but hopefully there may be one. deep development As we have already seen in Kodiaq and Superb.

There will still be rs versions

One of four sketches provided by Skoda is dedicated to rs version so that tradition sports variants As a cherry on top of the range (without denying that they can also be diesel,

The sporty Octavia RS will continue to be a part of the Skoda catalogue.

Seeing it No change in platform When used, no major developments can be expected at the mechanical level. Maintains current offer version conventional gasoline and diesel and propellant Gasoline with microhybridization, We’ll see if Skoda makes any further moves in that segment…

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