Slim says Trump's return to US presidency would be good for Mexico

Slim says Trump's return to US presidency would be good for Mexico

Mexico City –

Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, one of the world’s richest men, said Monday that Donald Trump’s possible return to the United States presidency could be positive for Mexico and represent business prospects. Which will be stronger. Close trade relations between the two countries.

Looking ahead to the upcoming United States elections, Slim was optimistic and said Trump’s possible return to government “would be good” for Mexico.

“Mexico can be a big producer of goods, substituting a lot of things in China,” the telecommunications giant said, when he talked about the trade prospects that Mexico faces given China’s displacement from the U.S. market. Can be opened for.

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Mexico overtook China as the main source of imports to the United States last year, with a trade value of more than $475 billion, according to Commerce Department data.

Economic relations between the United States and China have seriously deteriorated in recent years, while Beijing has aggressively fought back in the trade arena and sent ominous signals.

In his first administration, Trump imposed tariffs on Chinese imports, arguing that China’s trade practices violated global trade rules. For his part, US President Joe Biden maintained these tariffs after taking office in 2021, making it clear that antagonism towards China will be one of the common areas for Democrats and Republicans.

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Biden has urged companies to seek suppliers in allied countries or return to manufacturing in the United States

Regarding Mexico’s electoral outlook, Slim also expressed optimism and took the opportunity to recommend that the next government increase investment to more than 28% of gross domestic product (GDP) and maintain the policy of wage growth promoted by the Mexican President. Focus on. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to ensure Mexico’s development.

Mexican veterans remained cautious when speaking about López Obrador’s six-year term, which ends in September, but when asked about the growing actions taken by the military during this period, he acknowledged that they ” Many things”.

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