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Slimming hormones: your great ally for fast weight loss

When you want to lose weight, you have to keep this in mind Various hormones are involved in the process of weight loss apart from a balanced diet and regular physical exercise. which circulate in our body, and which are very important for achieving a healthy weight goal.

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While following the diet, Some factors play a determining role, Knowing what these hormones are and how to control them is essential to losing weight and maintaining results over time.


It is a hormone that regulates appetite and generates satiety signals. Produced primarily by adipose tissue, it is responsible for informing the hypothalamus of the size of the body’s white fat deposits so that it can regulate food intake.

Leptin has the effect of reducing appetite and increasing energy levels. We have some ways to boost or activate the presence of leptin in our body to help us lose weight.

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Ghrelin is the opposite hormone to leptin. Maintenance of weight depends on it as an imbalance can lead from obesity to malnutrition.

When we go without food for a long time, the digestive system secretes it to create hunger in search of nutrients. For this reason, one of the recommendations for keeping ghrelin production under control – or even at levels that help us lose weight – is not to spend too long without eating.

[Así funciona la grelina, también conocida como la hormona del hambre]


Keeping cortisol levels under control is a decisive factor in helping you lose weight. Cortisol is produced above the kidneys (in the adrenal cortex) in response to physical or emotional stress. Its synthesis and release are regulated by adrenocorticotropic hormone and circadian rhythms.

In a stressful situation, the level of cortisol in the body skyrockets. It exacerbates insulin resistance because it counteracts insulin by reducing the efficient use of glucose; This contributes to the loss of muscle tissue and weakens the immune system, among other consequences.


Insulin is a hormone released in the pancreas involved in the use of glucose as energy and has a great effect on the feeling of satiety. Therefore, managing it can be of great help so as not to starve while following a diet to lose weight or control weight.

In addition to controlling blood sugar levels, insulin also affects metabolism. That is, the decrease or increase in weight depends on this to some extent. In addition, this hormone affects certain enzymes related to fat utilization, such as triglyceride lipase.


It is an intestinal hormone that regulates appetite, is activated in response to the arrival of fats and proteins in the intestine, and is responsible for stimulating digestion. When it is released, food intake and the duration of our meals decrease.

One way to activate the secretion of cholecystokinin is by eating nuts. This food is healthy, it does not interfere with our diet and it will help us to activate the formation of cholecystokinin which promotes satiety.

growth hormone

Researchers from the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) have published in the journal ‘Nature Communications’ in which they have revealed that brain growth hormone is not only involved in growth metabolism, but above all it affects the metabolic reactions that occur when hunger occurs. maintains energy. or on a diet. “This finding, which is also new to science, has important implications in terms of understanding why it is so difficult to lose weight,” say the researchers.

Until now, leptin was thought to be the main hormone that acts to conserve energy when hungry. “The process of weight loss clearly involves many metabolic processes and many hormones besides leptin. This is where GH comes into play. We found that in response to weight loss, GH acts in a similar way to leptin in the brain.” Leptin. However, while leptin levels decrease, the opposite is true for GH. Weight loss increases GH levels in the bloodstream,” he explains.

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