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Smart traffic lights put to the test

Greater Santo Domingo has some traffic lights with cameras to catch violators of traffic laws and improve the flow of vehicles according to road congestion, but they don’t work.

Despite the fact that the flow of vehicles increases every day, the authorities have not built up technology aides to carry out the inspection functions and have not only left them before human eyes and hands, with a lack of equity in observing the irregularities. .

Some of the cameras installed in the National District are from the National Emergency System 911 in their work to protect the injured and assist in other incidents.

In 2018 there was talk about a traffic light that had a “special” camera to capture the plates of violators by crossing a red light.

That traffic controller would be installed at the intersection of Abraham Lincoln and the way to February 27, but as of today’s sun there is still no concrete evidence of it being operational.

The reality that lives in the various streets and streets of the country is the exact opposite of what is exposed by the creatures responsible for abiding by these rules or looking for “solomonic” solutions in such a state of disarray, which led to the viral phrase . That it is about “from on caps”, used by the General Director of Traffic and Land Transportation (DIGSAT), General Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta.

From those who make the popular “order give me a chance” arrogant to those who appeal to “you don’t know who I am”, the part of agents’ daily lives that reflects the lack of education that tensions between the two. causes parties, since drivers commit serious crimes that endanger their lives and who share traffic with them, but agents are not always aware of the rules that apply.

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But just as many members of vehicular control institutions turn a blind eye to the obstructions under their noses, so their superiors do not act to correct these failures.

What happens on the streets of Santo Domingo?
Maximo Gomez, John F. Kennedy, 27 de Fabrero, Winston Churchill and Lope de Vega are the busiest routes for thousands of people to go to school, work and various errands. These are the ones that present the most problems of the road nature.

Non-observance of the red light of the traffic light, going the wrong way, more than two people on a motorcycle, turning without activating the signal, exceeding the speed limit and other traffic violations are the generators of most accidents with tragic balance.

All of the above includes the poor condition of roads and paths as well as lack of cover for drainage and lighting.

To correct these deficiencies in the roads corresponds to the Ministry of Public Works, the Council of Demarcation where they are located and the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD).

use in 2018
In September 2018, one of the roads in Santo Domingo was laid to monitor the flow of traffic through a “smart traffic light” at a major intersection. In the morning, afternoon and night, this section has a monitoring system that catches people who violate one of the main traffic rules: don’t pass red.

Claudia Francesca de los Santos, the then director of the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (Interrent), revealed that 150 drivers have been caught for a month and a half for disobeying the red light of this traffic light.

At the time of violation of this signal, the license plates of the vehicles in which the “violators of the law” travel are photographed and then go through a process in which the fine will be validated and sent to the offenders.

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“We are in trial time. These elements will help us know where the information goes, how the fine is validated, how it gets into the system and how it is sent to the violator”, explained de los Santos.

As the study showed, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekdays is the time when the greatest number of violations occur, contrary to the belief that experts used to believe. That these can happen late at night on the weekend.

During the second phase of this study, four more radars were planned to be installed on the identified “black spots” on the Duarte Highway; Being one of the routes where most accidents happen.

On that occasion, it was promised that after the test time was over, the Intent would announce the areas where the radars are located, as it states that the unit is intended to make people aware of those traveling by road and highways. are, and they are not good.

know more

Mayor says solution has been sought
The Mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejia, announced that the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (Interent) is working on evaluating a range of options and solutions to the vehicular traffic problem in the capital, following an editorial suggestion from Listin. Dario, for installation of smart traffic lights.

In his interview with him on his way to New York via Las Americas Airport, Mejia said that since the technical part of the Intent did not rule out the suggestion to install intelligent traffic lights, he issued a statement to do so. preferred to wait. to that effect.

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