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Thursday, March 4, 2021

So Expensive: Hina Khan carried such a expensive bag, you will be shocked to know the price

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You will be jealous of Hina Khan’s wardrobe. She is a makeup addict, everyone knows this. But it seems that she is as crazy for the bag as it is for makeup. Recently Hina Khan was spotted with a Gucci bag. Tote bag is one of the best-selling bags of this brand.

Hina Khan carried the Ophida Soft GG Supreme Medium Tote. By the way, Hina does not like to carry big bags but it seems that she was also upset with small bags. Tote bags come in two colors, brown and ebony.

Hina Khan Bag

The cost of this bag of Hina Khan is 1, 750 dollars. If it is converted into Indian rupees, it will cost 1, 27, 750. As expensive as this bag is, you can buy a high end laptop and a powerful bike and go to a good destination.

Hina Khan is one of the most expensive actresses of TV, so if she is carrying such expensive bag then it is not a big deal for her. Hina likes Gucci, Coach and Saint Laurent brands in small bags, clutches and backpacks. A few months ago a bag was seen near Hina, which was quite expensive.

Hina Khan was recently seen in Bigg Boss 14. The actress earned a lot of love from her family members. Hina Khan was the runner-up of Bigg Boss 11. After his departure from his home, his career reached new heights. The actress obtained independent films and music videos after exiting.

She also performed on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival and became the first TV celeb to do so. Hina Khan’s look is most famous in the media. We have seen bloggers recreate their comolica look with the criterion of life 2.

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