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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

So was the tsunami in England too? 25 feet high waves, more than 2000 killed

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Some such incidents are recorded in history, which are not forgotten in the coming times. On the day of 30 January, one such incident was seen in the past (30 January History), which the people of Britain still remember. In the year 1607, there was a terrible flood in the city of Bristol (Bristol Channel Flood). Which took away thousands of people and animals with them. During this time, the fields also suffered heavy damage.

It is said that the sea waves rose up to 25 feet high at the time of the flood. The floods in the Bristol Channel broke the dams built to prevent water at many places. Lowlands such as Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Wales were submerged. There was more destruction in the area of ​​Wales. Cardiff, the capital of Wales, was badly affected. During this time St. Mary’s Church suffered a lot of damage.

More than 2 thousand people died

It is said that more than 2 thousand people died due to drowning in this flood. Thousands of houses and villages were drowned in the flow of water. The area up to 200 square miles was submerged and the cattle ranchers had to face a lot of trouble. Glastonbury Tor was also affected, along with the Devon Coast and Somerset. Here also the low lying areas were submerged in water. The reason behind the flood was attributed to the severe storm and tsunami.

The church is flooded by several feet

Statistics show that 30 villages in Somernet were affected, including a village called Breen. Which was completely hit by floods. Seven of the nine houses here were damaged and 26 people died. Kingston Semar’s church was filled with water up to five feet for the next ten days. The traces of the incident reveal that the height of the water was 7.74 meters above the sea.

Water level was rising rapidly

During this, the height of the water is found by assessing the places that have been destroyed. William Jones, who wrote an article related to the incident, said that people gave importance to protect themselves in time. He left his household goods and left from there to save his life. The water level was continuously increasing.

People climbed trees to save themselves

Jones wrote that women, men and children were among the thousands. These people climbed trees to protect themselves. Many of these relatives had drifted into the water. People also died due to cold and hunger. Due to which some fell down from the tree. He said that this flood came as a warning to the people of England.

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