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So you can control your glucose (or sugar) levels this Christmas and keep diabetes at bay

Due to the abundance of Christmas, people diabetes -More than 50 million in Spain- Your disease must be controlled even more. adjust medicationin case of taking it, take healthy lifestyle even at Christmas, and above all high glucose or blood sugar tests Some are keys.

the vast majority of Spaniards suffer diabetes type 2 (only 10% have type 1 diabetes) which is basically linked to overweight and obesity, Although, Half the population is unaware that they have it., However, both diseases are on the rise.

Thus, he explains to Dr. Cristóbal Morales, endocrinologist at Virgen de la Macarena University Hospital and Vitas Sevilla Hospital, “The prevalence of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is increasing: we are seeing more and more people with it, especially after the pandemic, at younger ages.”

In particular, “it is important to pay attention to type 2 diabetes (90% of people with diabetes in Spain have this type) because it is closely related to diabetes. increased weight“say the experts. In other words, its prevalence is closely tied to the increase in the rate of obesity In Spain and remember that 50% of the population is overweight and obese: 36.6% are overweight and 17.2% are obese.

90% of people with diabetes in Spain have type 2 diabetes, the prevalence of which is associated with overweight and obesity

a) yes, Data published by the Spanish Diabetes Society (SED)point out that Spain has the second highest rate of diabetes in Europe: Affects 1 in 7 adults, with one already reaching Prevalence of 14.8%Which means more than 5 million people.

on these dates of culinary excesses where we overuse saturated fats of sausage or red meat and Sugar present in sauces, sweets and nougat It is important to pay a little more attention to the disease, as it may be more difficult to control glucose levels due to changes in diet.

In addition to taking care of yourself and having a series of tips, it is important, at the same time, to “enjoy family and have a good time, because patients can live a completely normal life: they can live with diabetes.” , not for diabetes”, says Dr. Morales.

4 tips to control diabetes on Christmas

One of the keys is for patients to be autonomous in managing their disease. “Particularly if they are on insulin treatment, it is important that the person is trained and given a diabetes medical education So that you can manage and self-manage your diabetes,” explains the doctor.

And this importance basically lies in the complexity of the disease, “as the burden of this is borne by the self-management, it is borne by the patient himself as he spends very little time in our office and it is our duty to Train him and equip him so that he can control his disease” says the expert.

That being said, it is important during the Christmas season, Patient follow these four tips,

  • Living a healthy life even during Christmas.
  • Increase the number of glucose or blood sugar checks
  • and thus be able to adjust the dose of insulin based on the ingested carbohydrate.
  • Watch your diet so that you do not gain too much weight.

As advised by endocrinologists, it is also important to maintain as healthy a life as possible at Christmas, because you (in this article we tell you) 5 keys to not gaining weight during these dates) as well as, “the number of controls should be increased to be able to control their diabetes and to be able to adjust the insulin dose based on the carbohydrates they eat”.

It should be added that currently, “for this glycemic control we have technology It helps the patient a lot and makes things easier for them, like Freestyle Libre, Flash System or Glucose Monitoring Intermittent”.

All of this means a real revolution in improving the quality of life of people with diabetes and insulin, “as they self-regulate, from pricking their fingers (capillary puncture) to having a needle inserted into the arm with a filament.” system that automatically measures your glucose and that measurement goes directly to the mobile with an alarm signal”, explains the expert.

and that translates to “a” improve diabetes control And therefore, fewer complications, less hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and fewer visits to the emergency room.”

In this Video, Garcia Apothecary explained in Zap Steps a person with diabetes should take when faced with a drop in sugar.

On the other hand, it is important that patients with diabetes should be aware that “even if we indulge in some excesses on these dates, it may adjust insulin and drug dosages is,” Dr. Morales recalls.

And finally, once again, to stress the importance of taking care of yourself and not gaining too much weight during these days, “because it’s very difficult to lose it again later, especially for older people and those with type 2 diabetes.” Even more for people with diabetes”, he concluded.

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