Sobriety and calmness for the second phase of the investiture


The Popular Party received the order from the King to establish a Government, that is, the order to seek adequate parliamentary support through a government program able to create the confidence of many on the camera. To confirm more than apparently impossible to have support for nationalism center-right (in the words of Esteban admits to adding the votes of the PNV and Junts, the PP votes must be deducted in Vox), the PP raised the investiture debate and its visual correlation in the streets as it is a motion of censure to a functioning Government which, moreover, is about to carry out a democratic coup because of the Junts proposal of amnesty.

Proposing an investiture that looks like a motion of censure is the same as proposing a second round of the recent general elections to take the same result. Although the unusual mobilization of former socialist leaders against the proposed amnesty of the Junts (nothing is yet known about the socialist position, except for the fact that, in any case, must be consistent with the Constitution) and the undemocratic call al “patriotic transformism” in the socialist order, the result of this second round, is already in the parliamentary headquarters, exactly same as the election results; the right, majority but divided through the territorial issue and the support for Vox does not exceed the number of socialists, leftists, and nationalism.

PSOE downplays Feijóo’s investiture as a failed “motion of censure”

Ivan Gil Alejandro López de Miguel

PP missed the chance to draw alternative government program including some solutions to the Catalan problem that is almost impossible to find, only, in the strict application of the law. Far from the moderation and dialogue that often characterizes investiture times, PP led into such obvious traps such as the depreciation of bite of Congress, seen by millions of Spaniards as an unnecessary sensitivity about their native languages ​​(although they consider headphones unnecessary as well).

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Feijóo, instead of that built a presidential image increased the profile of a sad opposition leader, which was strange for him as the results it produced were not good, already in the previous election campaign. The socialist script twist made by Oscar Ponte “from the winner to the winner” to end both of the opposition this number ends in addition to spoiling a little more, it must be said, that parliamentary courtesy has been greatly degraded in distinguishing between enemies.

Feijóo, instead of building a presidential image, increased the profile of a sullen opposition leader

she positive aspects that’s why PP and Feijóo came out united in a vision that is not simple thanks for the valuable help to independence smears of these kind enemies who They are ERC and Juntsbecause of the debate on amnesty and a hypothetical referendum (by the way, it’s legal now). Sophisticates about where, very wrongly, the independence movement believed that the independentist is not playing anything and very constitutional Government of the Generalitat.

While waiting for the second act of investiture, what we know for sure is that the PP rejected the occupation of the political center in the sense of a space in moderation, but also in the sense of being central to the public scene gives it to the President Sánchez and the fugitive Puigdemontwith the hope that the amnesty debate will end with the dissolution of the PSOE, as is about to happen with socialist support for Rajoy’s investiture in 2016 to avoid a third repetition of the election.

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Feijóo will make “changes” in Génova and the parliamentary groups to lead the opposition to Sánchez

Pilar Gómez

the electoral strength of the socialists in the municipal and regional elections on 28-M and million against the wind and polls the socialist leader took the polls, They do not predict unity or leadership problems within the PSOE, or with its voters, despite the impressive municipal and regional power that has changed hands, a responsibility attributed to the socialists of the disaster and extermination of his former companionsWe can do it.

Perhaps it is fair to acknowledge that it is a honeymoon between left and center-left voters with the Coalition Government due to little satisfaction with the management of the Executive or leadership often asked by President Sánchezand more distrust towards a right that, tied to the extreme right far from offering peace and moderation, offers a challenging program that the majority of society doesn’t seem to understand. It seems that the citizens, tired of economic and political crises, have done so somewhat more conservatively, and, paradoxically, the offer of socialist “continuity” is better suited to a tired mood rather than the constant call to save the country by the right and some former socialist leaders. Even amnesty, if it is “deflating”, seems good match the need to turn the page in the many movements we are facing in this decade.

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Governance is the management of the state of mind of a nation. The failed first round was just trying to warm it up

Governance is the management of the state of mind of a nation. The failed first phase only seeks to heat it, to raise the temperature which is already too high. The role of the socialist leader, when you receive the order from the King can offer something to peace that many citizens demand. The traditional parties already had no rivals in their ideological blocs which forced him to preserve his voters by speeding up the political season. Moving forward without polarizingtransforming sophisticated into practical solutions, care for those left behind in crises or anticipation of new economic risks to be overcome from a good base of employment and growth may be offers connected to that fatigue of dramatic events.

Despite the size of political difficulties that threaten the new legislature, or indeed because of them, the declaration of humility in the coming weeks will help to achieve a great ambition; avoid confrontation between institutions, depolarize the country, demobilize the hyperventilate and keep fixing the problems, which is not small. We go to the second phase of the investiture with one eye on amnesty and another on elections; Whatever the result, I hope we do it with caution and calmness.

*Joan Navarro Sociologist, professor of Political Science and Administration at UCM.


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