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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Social media tightens on Kangana Ranaut’s violent tweet, Twitter account suspended with immediate effect

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Mumbai. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut seems quite aggressive in her social media posts. After the BJP’s defeat in West Bengal, his lyrics have worsened even more. Also, actress TMC chief Mamta Benerjee is seen constantly targeting. Meanwhile, a tweet from the actress has overshadowed her. In view of the ruckus that has been created, Twitter has suspended Kangana’s account with immediate effect.

Taking a view on the Bengal Assembly Elections 2021, Kangana recently compared Mamata Banerjee to Tadka and tweeted, ‘I was wrong, she is not Ravana. He was the best king, made the best country in the world, was a great administrator, a scholar and a harpist and a king of his subjects, he is a bloodthirsty demon ‘Tadka’. Those who voted for him, your hands are also covered with blood. ” # BengalViolence

Kangana Ranaut did not stop here but in the second tweet, she accused TMC workers of even gangrape. The actress wrote, ‘TMC goons have gang-raped a BJP worker. Indira Gandhi imposed emergency 39 times and told that international media India does not care what you think, it does not know the language of the blood-thirsty nation love Modi ji. They want stick. ‘

Kangana Ranaut has asked BJP to show her violent form in a tweet and wrote, ‘This is terrible. We need Super Gundai to kill Gundai. He is like a wild monster. Please show your greatness since the beginning of 2000 to subdue your Modi ji. Kangana Ranaut’s tweets have provoked people. At the same time, they are being held responsible for spreading violence.


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