Social Security beneficiaries will receive a second payment of $914

Social Security beneficiaries will receive a second payment of $914 on December 29

Millions of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients receive a second monthly payment in December for just three weeks.

The second payment will be made within 19 days, on December 29, four weeks after the first check was issued on December 1.

There are two payments sent to beneficiaries in December due to a programming error that occurs several times a year.

The thing is that the beneficiaries will always receive two checks in December because January 1 is a holiday, but in other months of 2023 as well, double payments are made in some months because the first of the following month falls on a weekend or holiday.

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SSI benefits must be provided to beneficiaries on the first day of the month.

Therefore, if the first day of a month falls on a weekend or holiday, the Social Security Administration will send SSI checks the previous business day to ensure that beneficiaries receive their checks on time.

Ultimately, beneficiaries continue to receive only 12 checks a year, one each month. Due to this rule, payments will not be sent in January.

Recipients’ payment amount depends on how they file their taxes.

If you do this individually, the payment is $914 per month.

For married couples filing their taxes jointly, the fee is $1,371.

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Dependent persons, who live with a person receiving SSI and provide necessary care, receive a monthly payment of $458.

To qualify for payments, recipients must be at least 65 years of age and meet certain financial requirements.

Some people under the age of 65 may qualify for payments, including children, if they are at least partially blind or have a physical or mental disability that severely limits their daily activities for at least one year.