Social Security: Four changes that will affect your benefits before 2025

Social Security: Four changes that will affect your benefits before 2025

Social Security Administration (SSA, for its abbreviation in English) is an organization that is under constant scrutiny and its importance lies in the fact that it provides retirement and disability benefits to millions of residents and citizens of the United States every month. every year, benefits and institution changes Affected by employment trends and policies added or changed.

Several plans are currently under discussion, which may include Radical changes to some policies and programs Managed by the Social Security Administration. Add to this the fact that the program’s Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund money will run out 10 years from now. Till then, the organization will be able to pay only 77% of the current benefits, which is a continuing concern.

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Further, as per some research by Go Banking Rates, these Four changes to Social Security will be implemented before 2025. Keep in mind, the more aware you are of the processes, the better you’ll be able to strategize how to deal with them.

1. It would change the way COLA is calculated

He cost of living adjustment (COLA, for its abbreviation in English) is done annually and is taken into account on the basis of the wage earner’s price index in the United States. For 2022, the approved COLA, meaning an increase in benefits for SSA partners, was 5.9%, but for 2023, it was much higher, as 8.7% was authorized.

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By 2024, the COLA is expected to be much lower, at 2%.

2.- Changes in the benefits women get from SSA

More and more women are being integrated into the United States’ Social Security to receive retirement benefits. This means that some women will see a change in their pay from 2024, in particular, This will affect people who are not specifically dependent on SSA or who receives spousal benefits.

According to GoBankingRates research, This would be translated as:

-The number of women over 60 will change from 2023 to 2095, increasing from 50% to nearly 70%.
By 2025, the number of women receiving dual Social Security payments will increase: as part of their work and as part of a spouse’s benefit.

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3.- The maximum benefit given by social security will be more

And the thing is, COLA also has a direct impact on this, which is why the benefits get that much bigger with each passing year. For 2022, the maximum monthly payment was $3,345, while for 2023 it is $3,627.,

4.- Customer service will improve

“By 2025, we will focus on understanding the customer’s lifetime experience,” the SSA said on its website. “Through this understanding, we respond to and anticipate our customers’ needs, and carefully design the appropriate service options,” he added.


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