Social Security will send payments of up to $4,873 to retirees in 7 days

Social Security will send payments of up to $4,873 to retirees in 7 days

The first batch of February Social Security payments, which can give Payment up to $4,873 For those retirees who retired at the age of 70 with a large income, this is going to be distributed.

According to the Social Security Administration calendar, beneficiaries born between the 1st and 10th of any month of the year will receive the first payment of the month on February 14.

Those born after the 11th of any month of the year will see their payments in one of the following two waves, on February 21 or 28.

The amount each person receives depends on several factors, such as how old they were when they retired, how much they contributed to Social Security and how many years they contributed.

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The age at which they retire is also decisive in determining the maximum amount they will receive.

A retiree who decides to retire at the age of 70 can do so by Get up to $4,873 Monthly.

On the other hand, those who retire at the minimum age, which is 62, can only receive up to $2,710 per month.

If the individual retires at full retirement age, which is 67, the maximum benefit is $3,822 per month.

Not all beneficiaries will receive the maximum amount, and each person can get a personalized estimate of their monthly payment through a Social Security calculator.

The 2024 payment will include a 3.2% increase Compared to last year's monthly payments, thanks to the annual cost of living adjustment announced in October last year.

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