Sofia Vergara's strong response to the former president of the Colombian Congress for criticizing the series 'Griselda'

Sofia Vergara's strong response to the former president of the Colombian Congress for criticizing the series 'Griselda'

Ever since Netflix announced its new series ‘Griselda’, which tells the story of drug smuggler Griselda Blanco Restrepo, the audiovisual production has been the target of criticism.

The Colombian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Roy Barreras, was one of the first to become involved in the controversy, arguing that the series was damaging Colombia’s image abroad.

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“They make narcinonovelas, they make narcosinemas, they live on traqueta culture and they cause great damage to Colombia’s image abroad,” the ambassador said.

Similarly, he indicated that there are so many stories of resilience, of overcoming in the country, “there are so many successful Colombians and life stories to tell” that they only focus on telling about drug traffickers.

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“They write and release narco-series in which the image of Colombia is ruined, Griselda Blanco. Colombia is the land of hitmen and cocaine, that is the image of Colombia that they export. They destroy our country and its miracles. Destroy every effort to establish. They stay away from traqueta culture and they celebrate it and instead there are thousands of hard-working, hard-working Colombians whose life stories deserve to be told, so many in Colombia. There is beauty and there are a lot of good, entrepreneurial, successful Colombians. There is a lot of good cinema left to be made in 21st century Colombia,” he stressed.

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For her part, Colombian actress Sofia Vergara responded to Roy Barreras’ criticism and highlighted the importance of showing these types of novels and the realities of the country.

“To some extent he’s very right. There are a lot of great stories, I wasn’t lucky enough to get any of them and studios looked to me to do them, but you’ve got to bring them something that has to do with drugs. Be it smugglers and it’s a fascination. They fascinate me, I look at them all and I’m Colombian,” said the 51-year-old actress.

Furthermore, Vergara highlighted that the series is a different perspective of Griselda, as it “highlights the empowerment of women and how they reach higher levels than men. Even Pablo Escobar Were afraid of them.”

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It should be noted that the story of a Colombian drug smuggler set in the 70s tells the story of Griselda Blanco who “after fleeing from Medellin to Miami with her three children and a kilo of cocaine, becomes the ruthless boss of a rich man.” Drug empire.