Solar Energy Company Accused Of Scamming Seniors Awarded $3 Billion By Biden Admin

 Solar Energy Company Accused Of Scamming Seniors Awarded $3 Billion By Biden Admin.  GOP Leaders Are Now Looking for Answers.

A solar energy company recently awarded $3 billion by the Biden administration has been accused of defrauding seniors, and Republican leaders in the House and Senate are now asking the Energy Department to provide more details about the deal.

Sunnova Energy Corporation, a residential and commercial solar energy company based in Houston, benefited from “the single largest commitment ever made by the Federal Government to solar power” when the Biden administration announced a loan guarantee of the energy company on September 28. Recently “reliable reports of predatory sales strategies,” however, alarmed Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), the chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, and Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), ranking member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

“We are alarmed by recent, credible reports that Sunnova has fielded numerous consumer complaints, including those alleging disruptive marketing practices, such as Sunnova forcing older members to is in poor health to sign long-term contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars,” Barrasso and McMorris Rodgers wrote in a letter sent earlier this week to Jigar Shah, the director of the Loan Programs Office (LPO ) of the US Department of Energy.

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“These reports include interviews with individuals struggling to deal with large contracts signed by their elderly parents before their deaths as well as consumer complaints to the state that say the maintenance delays and predatory sales strategies,” the letter said.

A woman said a door-to-door salesman for Sunnova sold her father, who she said was in hospice care, a $60,000 solar system for his mobile home before he died , The Washington Free Beacon reported last month.

“My dad told (the shopkeeper) at the time that he was in the hospice and dying. And basically, he wasn’t in his right mind,” said Mary Loller, adding that Sunnova placed a lien on his father’s property that prevented his family from selling it after his death.

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Another man, Texas resident Terry Blythe, told the Free Beacon that his 86-year-old father, who has been diagnosed with dementia, was convinced by a Sunnova salesman to buy a 25-year lease on solar panels. in 2020. The contract was worth $34,000, which Blythe said she was left to deal with after her father died.

“This is a real ripoff of old people. This is the biggest ripoff I’ve ever seen,” he said.

As of 2019, the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau released a report on Sunnova, confirming some of its customers’ complaints, including misleading them about solar panel financing costs and contracts.

“Residents in other parts of the country have also reported problems with Sunnova’s systems, including fraudulent marketing practices,” the Republican lawmakers’ letter continued. “These allegations are particularly troubling, as the LPO says this program will target poor communities.”

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President Joe Biden is pushing the Democrats’ leftist green energy agenda that seeks to solve the “climate crisis” and is promoting the expansion of solar energy. Earlier this year, the Biden administration launched a $7 billion “Solar for All” grant competition proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and was created by the president’s Inflation Reduction Act.

McMorris Rodgers and Barrasso asked the Department of Energy to provide documents and any information about its treatment of the concerns raised in the letter. The Energy Department has until Dec. 21 to provide lawmakers with the information they’re looking for.