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Solar storm hits Earth today, internet signal expected to weaken – Nation World News

Nation World News – The event of a solar storm is said to hit the Earth today, Wednesday (3/8/2022).

Reporting from Live Science, Tuesday (2/8/2022), this solar storm is caused by high-speed solar winds emanating from holes in the Sun’s atmosphere.

These winds will collide with Earth’s magnetic field and trigger a small G-1 geomagnetic storm.

Event of a Solar Storm Event Today

After making the observations, forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) predict that gaseous material (from the occurrence of a solar storm) flows through the southern vent in the Sun’s atmosphere.

The southernmost hole in the Sun’s atmosphere is usually called a coronal hole.

A coronal hole is a region in the Sun’s upper atmosphere where our star’s electrical gas (or plasma) is cooler and less dense.

Such holes are also the site of the Sun’s magnetic field lines. Instead of rotating back into itself, it radiates light into space.

This allows material from the Sun to escape in streams traveling at speeds of up to 1.8 million miles per hour (2.9 million kilometers per hour).

Since the Sun’s location is in the same galaxy as Earth, the occurrence of solar storms is not very noticeable or visible to Earthlings.

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On a planet with a strong magnetic field like Earth, this barrage of solar debris would be absorbed and only trigger geomagnetic storms.

During these storms, the Earth’s magnetic field is slightly compressed by a wave of very energetic particles.

These particles travel down magnetic field lines near the poles and move molecules in the atmosphere, releasing energy in the form of light, creating colorful auroras similar to those that make up the northern lights.

Scientists believe that the storm generated by this debris will weaken.

Geomagnetic storm G1 has the potential to cause only minor fluctuations in the power grid and affect some satellite functions, including mobile devices and GPS systems.

In addition, this storm will also trigger auroras as far south as Michigan and Maine.

If the solar storm is more extreme

Meanwhile, the phenomenon of extreme geomagnetic storms is said to be able to disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field quite strongly and pose a risk of satellites falling to Earth.

Live Science previously reported that scientists warned that extreme geomagnetic storms could cripple the Internet as well.

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According to the Center for Outer Space Weather Prediction, debris from the Sun or coronal mass ejection (CME) usually takes about 15 to 18 hours to reach Earth.

The largest solar storm ever occurred was the Carrington event of 1859. It released about the same amount of energy as 10 billion 1 megaton nuclear bombs.

After hitting Earth, a powerful stream of solar particles warmed telegraph systems around the world and made the aurora brighter than the light of the full moon seen in the southern Caribbean.

If a similar event were to occur today, it would cause trillions of dollars in damage and trigger widespread power outages, such as the 1989 solar storm that released a billion tons of gas and caused a blackout in the Canadian province.

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