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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Soldiers from India and America show their strength in ‘war exercise’, echo heard from Pakistan to China

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Pawan Mishra, New Delhi: The 16th joint military exercise ‘war exercise’ between India and US in Bikaner, Rajasthan started from 8 February, ended on 20 February. It happened at Mahajan Field Firing Range of Bikaner. Joint operations between the Indo-US Army took place at Mahajan Field Firing Range of Bikaner, Asia’s largest field firing range. On the last day of this exercise, the armies of both countries showed a tremendous sample of their military strength. The thunder and shelling of the tanks, striker vehicles, attack helicopters, heavy lift helicopters of both countries were heard from LOC to LAC.

‘Zoravar Exercise’, which started in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan starting on 8 February, was the last day of field exercise on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Mahajan Range has been transformed into a country in the Middle-East, where civil war has raged for oil wells and other sources. India and the United States forces are jointly operating in this area under the UN Charter to deal with different militant groups and rebel organizations, so that war-torn peace can be restored in this country.

On Saturday, the last day of the exercise, that is, during the Validation Exercise, the armies of the two countries had to evacuate an area from 30-40 militants. For this, the terrorists were eliminated using the troops of both countries, para commandos, tanks, infantry combat vehicles, drones, special Loros cameras and helicopters and the hostages were rescued safely.

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Although these exercises were carried out in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism environments, the way the two countries used tanks, armored vehicles and air-support was echoed even to the Pakistani border. Because this exercise was done in the Mahajan field firing range of the Thar Desert near Bikaner, Pakistan’s border is just 100 kilometers. Afraid of this exercise of India and America, Pakistan has also started ‘Jidar ul Hadid’ exercise in its border Thar desert (14-28 February). A large number of tanks of the Pakistani Army are participating in the ‘Battlefield Environment’ in the war in the defensive role.

This is the 16th edition of the exercise, an annual exercise between India and the United States. This time, this exercise has been named ‘Zorawar Exercise’. Although the purpose of this exercise is to further mature their combat skills in an environment of counter insurgency and counter operation, the armies of the two countries want to show and tell the world how to deal with any challenge together. Are ready. The team of ABP News was also present in the Mahajan field firing range of the Thar Desert for coverage of this exercise.

In fact, this war between India and the US is named after General Zorawar Singh, Commander of Dogra State of Jammu and Kashmir, who first attacked China in the 19th century and hoisted his flag (the first and last time, when someone The Indian flagged his victory in China). The Indian Army’s Jammu and Kashmir Rifles (Jackarif) is taking part in this ongoing exercise in Rajasthan (8-21 February).

The US Army’s 1-2 Striker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT Brigade), also known as the ‘Ghost Brigade’, is taking part in the ‘exercise’ exercise. For this exercise, Ghost Brigade has arrived in India with its Striker-Vehicles (Infantry Combat Vehicles). The 1-2 SBCT brigade is headquartered at Joint Base Lewis McCrord (JBLM Base), near the city of Seattle, US, one of the largest military bases in the world. The US Army has arrived with these striker vehicles from C-17 Globemaster aircraft.

1-2 SBCT was named the Ghost Brigade because during the Gulf War (2002-03) this brigade conducted its operations in Baghdad and Mosul in Iraq in such a secret manner that the enemy army could not hear the news. was. Later this brigade was also stationed in Afghanistan.


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