“Solidarity with Sanna”, Finnish women filming themselves dancing to protect the prime minister


women of finland started in the last few hours Campaign support in social networks towards the Prime Minister of that country, sana marinon the way up dancing and partying videosThe criticism that the officer received came after videos of him celebrating at a private event with his friends and some famous personalities were leaked.

Marin was highly questioned, as people did not consider that behavior appropriate for someone with a political position of this rank.

After a barrage of criticism, many Finnish women began to receive it. Upload a video of dancing and celebrating on Twitter with hashtags #SolidaritywithSanna ,Solidarity with SannaIn English), to support the official of that country.

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Finland: Leaked video of Prime Minister drunk at a party

This women’s movement shocked the media because it was not only in Finland and reached countries such as Norway, Denmark and even Australia,

In the publications you can find Fiona Patton (Member of the Legislative Council of Victoria, Australia), she shared an image which read, “If blowing off steam at a party is the worst thing your prime minister has ever done, you are a very lucky country.,

Sana Marin Dances With Singer Olvi 20220819
Sana Marin dancing with singer Olvi.

Sanna Marin: “I didn’t use any drugs”

,Spent the night partying with friends. I didn’t use any medicineSo doing a drug test isn’t a problem, but I also think it’s very special that something like this is needed,” said Marin, who conducted a drug and substance test to clean up his reputation. The government announced on Monday that the test was negative.

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The scandal did not cause any major problems and his colleagues from the Social Democratic Party supported the 36-year-old young official.


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