Some Changes After Kansas Abortion Vote Recount

Topeka, Cannes. ( Associated Press) — Results for eight of the nine Kansas counties where a recount was conducted found fewer than 35 ballot changes after the Aug. 2 election, when voters explicitly rejected an amendment initiative, Which would have abolished abortion rights in the state constitution. ,

Counties had until 5 p.m. to complete the manual recounting of ballots cast on August 2. Eight counties finished on time, but Sedgwick County officials said they would not be able to do so by the deadline.

Published results for eight counties showed 13 fewer votes in favor of stricter restrictions on abortion and 19 fewer votes for those who continued with abortion rights.

Electoral officials attributed the changes to human error, with voters not clearly marking ballots.

A Sedgwick County spokeswoman said Saturday that when the counting ended, the election commissioner had found things she wanted to revisit. It is unknown what the problems have been and when the local calculations will end.

All nine counties recounted votes at the request of two anti-abortion activists who questioned election procedures without presenting evidence of specific problems.

Initial highs at the state level showed the proposed amendment, which would have stripped abortion-rights protections to the Kansas Constitution and allowed the Legislature to further restrict or restrict pregnancy termination, fell 18 percentage points. 165,000 votes.

The counties in which the votes were counted were Douglas, where the main campus of the University of Kansas is located; outside Johnson, Kansas City; Sedgwick, where Wichita is located; Shawnee, where Topeka is, as well as Crawford, Harvey, Jefferson, Leon and Thomas.

Anti-abortion lost in all those counties except Thomas.

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