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Monday, March 8, 2021

Sonali Phogat revealed from BIGG BOSS about her marriage

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Chandigarh Actress Sonali Phogat, who was a Tittock star, opened many secrets related to life, sharing the reason for her marriage at a very young age. Sonali told that she got married only when she was studying in class 12th. Although she wanted to study, the family said that they would not be able to send out alone.

The marriage that was decided by Sonali was a well-read family. Sonali’s father said that people will teach you where you are getting married. Sonali said yes to marriage due to her good behavior due to greed to study and talking to her husband. However, after visiting the in-laws, it was found that the family is advanced but they also want that the daughter-in-law does not come out of the house.

Now Sonali is turning to Pollywood and Bollywood:

Asked how was the experience of going to Bigg Boss, Sonali said – Due to low voting, had to come out of that house. Everyone was treated differently. When I entered the house, it seemed that everything was very good. But it also seemed that everything was not going to be normal. Everything was fine for two weeks. Nobody said anything to me. But after that everything changed completely. Some people targeted me and tried to quarrel with me. Now Sonali is turning to Punjabi and Hindi cinema.

I am on Instagram after the Chinese app TicTalk closes:

Sonali Phogat said that she was fond of becoming an actor, so she started acting. Along with acting, she was also active in politics. She said that now she wants to give time to acting. Tittock then started as an amateur. Work done for two years. When the government shut down Chinese apps, they have shifted to Instagram.


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