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Sonora Prosecutor’s Office confirms lifeless search of journalist Juan Arjon Lopezu

after being reported as missingofficers of sonora Journalist’s death confirmed Juan Arjan Lopez,

Claudia Indira Contrerasowning to Sonora Prosecutor’s Officetold at a press conference that a dead body has been found which matches with some journalist tattoo,

“Since we learned about it through social networks, we started to organize searches everywhere. Now that the search is done, work is on to clarify the matter and prevent any further investigations. Can’t be denied.”

The prosecutor confirmed that the body of Arjan Lopez, who was a member of a group of independent communicators and journalists, showed “signs of violence.”

“The autopsy revealed blunt force trauma as the cause of death,” reads the statement from the prosecutor’s office.

In addition, as a communicator their family, personal and work environment is examined, where interviews, testimonials and other evidence are collected that find the potential culprit(s).

Took: In Sonora, authorities investigate the disappearance of journalist Juan Arjon Lopezu

Who was Juan Arjan Lopez?

According to information from Noroste, Arjon Lopez was last seen in a food business between August 2 and 3, 2022, where he worked after leaving the rehabilitation center where he lived voluntarily.

Juan Arjan López was a journalist and director of Page What are you afraid of, Known among communicators in the field of San Luis Rio Coloradoborder town America,

On its page, it followed up on citizens’ complaints and figures published by police sources and city hall officials.

The journalist last published the material on August 2, when he released a report on the arrest and recovery of items after a home robbery.

Until last week’s court, officials recognized 13 journalists killed so far this year.

From the year 2000 to the present, Article 19 has documented 157 murders of journalists in Mexico,

Of these, 143 are males and 14 are females. Of these, 47 were registered during Enrique Pea Nieto’s mandate; and in 37 Andres Manuel López Obrador.

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