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Soundcore Motion Boom Plus, Analysis & Opinion

Surely right now you are looking on the Internet for a good deal on a portable speaker that resists all the anomalies of outdoor leisure: water, dust, noise, shock… In the last decade, the options have increased so much that Now you can get lost in that quest.

JBL, Sony, Sonos and the list goes on. It didn’t take long for leading brands in the sound world to bet on this format, indicating that the business has given enough money to invest in new lines of business. Lower audio quality and better resistance to the elements.

Here Anker, a brand known for making products with a good quality/price ratio, has gone after a piece of that market with the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus knowing that standing out isn’t easy. Let’s take a look at its technical specifications:

soundcore motion boom plus
Dimensions and weight 38.9 x 14 x 19.56 cm | 2,28 kg
speakers 2x Woofer D60W | 2x Tweeter 20 W
dust and water resistance IP67
relationship Bluetooth 5.3 | 3.5mm audio input | USB Type-C Charge | external charging usb a
autonomy up to 20 hours 13,400mAh battery
Precio 169 euro

We’ve spent almost a month with the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus at home, at the beach, in the pool… In short, it’s with us wherever we go, and these are our findings.

Analysis of Soundcore Motion Boom Plus by Sections:

Remembering the past does not leave anyone indifferent

If you grew up watching ’90s movies, the street scene with big speakers on the shoulders of gangsters in Brooklyn or Queens is probably familiar to you. Those giant boomboxes of brands like Sony or Philips, where they put tapes of the last group that hit it on the east coast.

Well, the folks at Soundcore wanted to pay tribute to that design with their Motion Boom Plus. Portable speaker is big, heavy, bulky… and beautiful? we would say yesBut because our eyes are accustomed to films and series.

Once we take it out of the box, it’s normal to be surprised by its dimensions: 38.9 x 14 x 19.56 cm. We are talking about a length of about 40 cm, which makes it somewhat mobile. Does it fit in a suitcase? No And in the trunk of the car? No problem.

Then we have the weight thing: 2.28 kilograms. How big it is, we talk about an implied weight, but as is the case with dimensions, those are numbers that are comfortably greater if our idea is to carry it everywhere. Take her to the park with friends, yeah, go hiking with her now…

In short, the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus is designed to be taken on excursions where we have a vehicle to transport it. But once on site, it’s a total all-rounder: it withstands falls, sun, water, dust… it can handle everything.

really, The tool has a large handle that’s comfortable to use on a daily basis, but it also has two rings where you can attach a strap If we want to carry it on the shoulder. Nice soundtrack details.

With its own app and two-way connection

The Soundcore Motion Boom Plus has a normal Soundcore app that isn’t bad, luckily, making using the device completely unnecessary. With the app, yes, we can touch the equalizer a bit and set the default audio mode (Voice, Media, Balanced…). There is nothing else.

The interesting thing about the team is that it has Bluetooth 5.3. has compatibility with And connecting is as simple as finding the device on your mobile, scanning the Bluetooth sources, and clicking Connect. Once the device is linked, the speaker does not lose the permissions of our smartphone.

And, if your audio player doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection, There’s also a 3.5mm jack input that works for plugging in an iPod or any MP3, We’ve verified that it works and anything else, because of the physical connection… but it’s appreciated that there’s an input.

Let’s move on to the important thing, the computer has never lost connection even after playing music for hours and hours. Outside we could move up to 12 meters before we lost the signal and indoors, it was well anchored to a few walls in the middle.

Its operation is perfect so that, at the pool with friends, you can all play your favorite song, no matter how far away you are. In addition, without a cut, when the signal degrades and some song slows down at the smallest acceleration (only one in seconds).

Extra power, full autonomy for outdoors and parties

But let’s get to the important point: how does it work when we take them on a trip? A portable speaker is nothing if later, in the moment of truth, it doesn’t sound with quality, powerful and lasts for hours. We have at least two out of three with the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus.

The first thing we have to say about its audio quality is that the equipment has what it needs to complete any record: Two 60W woofers and two 20W tweeter outputs. Next to them are two passive radiators on its sides that allow it to give off weight and gravity.

It’s clear with this distribution that Soundcore wanted to deliver on the promise of the name, a lot of “boom plus”. I mean, very little. Luckily You Can’t Activate Bass BoostIn this way the sound becomes clear.

Does the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus sound good? It definitely sounds great. With similar features as a JBL or Sony? Almost but not. Soundcore is improving their audio equipment a lot and it shows, but they have work ahead of them. Fortunately, the price is always with them.

As far as power is concerned, here we have the actual 80 W left that the device gives out. It fills any room, no matter how large and outdoors, it can be enjoyed in a contained environment of about 50/60 square meters.

is the most realistic setting In a small pool with a few friends, no matter how much you rumble, the Soundcore speaker cuts out the noise and laughter, Plus, it doesn’t distort until we put it on almost max power, so music is enjoyed at almost all volumes.

and autonomy? They say up to 20 hours in Soundcore, and the reality is it’s easy to get 15 hours out of it, Even when we’re on with the volume too high. got these numbers Thanks to its 13,400 mAh battery Which is a real blast.

By the way, in its ports We have a traditional USB outlet which allows us to charge our mobile or tablet without any problem (it is not fast charging, only thing is there) so it works as a power bank. where appropriate. A survival SUV, as we said.

Ideal if you want to take your music wherever you go without worrying about scratches

And we close the analysis with the conclusion. Is the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus worth it? If what you want is a team that can withstand all conditions and weight/dimensions don’t matter to you, then the answer is a resounding yes.

It’s not small, it’s not imperceptible, but you know it by now. The Soundcore gear is built to turn heads, captivate 90s sound lovers, and withstand a sandstorm, sudden heat storms, and hours of fun with background music.

The Soundcore Motion Boom Plus is Anker’s new “portable” speaker with plenty of power to enjoy music with friends outside.

The speaker, yes, isn’t cheap, although it offers a lot for its price. We have it for 179.99 euros at Amazon, which puts it a few steps above the usual for the mother brand, Anker.

The Soundcore Motion Boom Plus isn’t meant for occasional use or for beach homes, it’s a speaker designed to withstand just about anything and deliver hours of great power, hence its price. If that fits what you’re looking for, go ahead. Otherwise you will spend more money.

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