Spain 2 – 3 Italy: result, summary and goals

Spain 2 - 3 Italy: result, summary and goals

The Spanish women’s team got on the first train to the Final Four in
League of Nations despite their painful defeat against Italy. Those of
Montse Tome, who have won eight in a row and have not lost since the World Cup group stage against Japan, were surprised by a very serious Italy and fell 2-3, but took advantage of Sweden’s unexpected loss against Switzerland to qualify for the Nations playoff League and in February they will have the chance to fight for the ticket to the Paris Olympic Games, the first in their history.

SPAIN | Tere Abelleira

ITALY | change them

Possession of the ball: 67% – 33%

Shots: 10 – 5

Shots on goal: 6 – 4

Stop: 1 – 4

Corners: 11 – 4

Fouls: 10 – 7

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Yellow cards: 1 – 0

Attack: 144 – 41

Critical attacks: 59 – 18

Finish the game at Pasarón Municipal Stadium!

Marchan: By Gugliemo y Cambiaghi

They entered: Salvai and Martina Piemonte

Spain 2 – 3 Italy

March: Giugliano

Enter the: Galli

Enter the: Ivana

March: Irene Paredes

Spain 1 – 3 Italy

Spain 1 – 2 Italy

March: Hyacinths and Dragons

Enter the: Cantore and Catena

Spain 1 – 1 Italy

Enter the: Lucía García and Esther Rodríguez

March: Athenea and Aitana

SPAIN | Athena

ITALY | Hyacinths

Possession of the ball: 68% – 32%

Shots: 2 – 1

Shots on goal: 2 – 0

Stop: 0 – 1

Corners: 6 – 1

Fouls: 4-2

Attack: 73 – 24

Dangerous attacks: 24-9

Spain He started the game very well, quickly finding himself between the lines and creating danger. First it was Mariona who scored offside, but then Athenea made it happen with a great individual action. In the last minutes,
Italy They improved and managed to lock Montse Tomé’s team in their own half, so things had to be tweaked for the second half.

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Rest at Pasarón Stadium!

Spain 1 – 0 Italy

Start the game!

This is a very serious game played in
Arechi Stadium where Spain had to wait until the last minutes to score a goal that confirmed the victory through Jenni Hermoso.

DOCK | Rachele, Annamaria, Cecilia, Michela, Giada, Martina, Aurora Galli, Emma, ​​​​​​​​Agnese, Katia, Sofia, Sara.

SIT | Misa, Enith Salón, Ivana, Maite Oroz, Laia Codina, Esther, Fiamma, María Peréz, Oihane, Eva Navarro, Inma Gabarro, Lucía García.


The conflict is evident
La1 on Spanish Television, by
telesport and through its website,
Play on RTVE but you can follow every minute through this narration of
World of sports.

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Spanish women’s soccer team returned to action after his new world title and after achieving many victories in
first four days of the UEFA Nations League.
Spain host Italy in Group 4’s fifth match, where he has it in his power to testify with a victory in his presence of
Final Four of the competition.

Spain e
Italy today they argued their match equal to
5th day from
UEFA Nations League in it
Pasarón Stadium. The meeting starts at 9:30 pm and in this preview we will tell you everything that will happen until it starts.