Spain has reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup by defeating Australia

Spain has reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup by defeating Australia

Spain put him in chains Third consecutive win in men’s water polo tournament Which grants direct qualification to the quarter-finals after defeating them Australia (9-15), In a match in which the Oceanic team held out for three quarters.

In the end, they david martin The brand new European champions, showed why they are one of the favorites to win the final, with a great balance between attack and defense and water polo with a lot of resources.

Spain knew it would have to face physical strength And the fast swimming of the Australian team, a team that is always rocky and capable of putting anyone in trouble.

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Presence of floats

he rested Felipe Peron and Bernat Sanahuja And David Martin’s people knew how to stew the game, how to simmer it. The ‘Aussies’ went ahead twice, counter-attacks were finished off by Pavillard; Balanced by Unai Beale and then a shot by Mercep (1-2).

But since then, Spain has got its own plums, especially the Sevillians. miguel de toro, who scored two high-quality goals to make the score 2-3. then it came out Alvaro Granados to force to punish, to transform by R Fran Valera (2-4).

The set continued to grow with unstoppable long shots in the second quarter Alberto Munarriz For 2-5. The Australian team scored from a shot from the putt (3-5) and when it looked like a new shot Marc Larumbe, from a penalty, The match could have been on the right track for Spain (3-6), with the Oceanians coming to the fore again.

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Major advantages

It was in two bests. In the first, after drawn action following a timeout, Edwards made it 4–6 two seconds before the break. Mersep Astonished unai aguirre For 5-6.

In the third quarter, the game proceeded with minimal margins (7–8), until Spain took advantage of two actions of superiority. After a timeout, after an assist from Granados to Alex Bustos, David Martín prepared a move that made it 7–9; Just two seconds before the end, Munreez With a long shot after an exclusion, once again put the safety line at three goals (7-10).

Partial 3-0 completed Statues With another better goal at the far post the game was practically decided at the beginning of the last quarter (7-11), and Fran Valera even increased the gap with a long shot (7-12).

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made the biggest difference six so many (7-13, 8-14 and 9-15), after the last goal by Fran Valera. Spain will play against the opponent in the quarter-finals of the World Cup on Tuesday the 13th.


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