Spanish football avoids strike after adjustment in sporting law

Spanish football avoids strike after adjustment in sporting law

BARCELONA ( Associated Press) — The Spanish league has touted the possibility of a strike as its president Javier Tebas agreed through Congress on Thursday with changes to a new sporting law.

Among the changes to the bill are the removal of language that Tebas said would jeopardize the league’s ability to continue selling television rights for the competition.

Tebas also said such language jeopardized the legitimacy of La Liga’s nearly 1.9 billion euro (dollar) deal with securities firm CVC.

“What we were looking for from the first moment was legal certainty; we intend to uphold and defend the current ‘status quo’ of sports law, with which we are comfortable with the CVC’s case”, Tebas said.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao were the only top division clubs to have rejected the CVC deal and are seeking to undo it in court.

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Madrid and Barca also have disputes with La Liga and UEFA over the club’s desire to create a Super League division from continental football’s governing body, which would challenge the Champions League.

Versions appeared in the Spanish press that most of the clubs in the country, backed by Tebas, were in favor of stopping football at some point when the bill went ahead.

Sevilla president Pepe Castro said without explicitly mentioning the strike that the new law was unacceptable.

“The new law will harm us and we cannot allow it,” he warned. “The important thing is to talk, but if there’s another decision to be made, we’ll do it.”

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Tebas said he was only “uncomfortably satisfied” with the changes to the proposal, noting that no concrete measures had been taken to limit the possibility of the league’s players being overseen by the Royal Spanish Federation, UEFA or FIFA. Participate in competitions not held in

If the new language included that, La Liga and the Spanish Federation would have a powerful weapon to prevent players from participating in a fictional Super League.

It “indirectly benefits the strategy of the Super League. It is stalled and I am surprised because it is known that it indirectly benefits the Superliga, because the Spanish government and the opposition spoke out against it, Tebas said.

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However, he warned: “It doesn’t matter if they haven’t included the amendment, because we’re going to ‘KO’ the Super League project anyway; it will only pave the way for us as in the Italian Serie A.” Has happened.

Tebas expressed his doubts that Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez had influence in the matter. Perez is an ardent supporter of the Superliga, whose project collapsed soon after leading his own presentation in April 2021.

“Florentino never loses”, said the La Liga president.

The initiative must go through the Congress of Deputies and the Senate, where other amendments can be made before it can be approved.


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