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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Special service for Geo users! If the phone is switched off and not found, a missed call alert will be received

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This happens a lot of times when our phone is not available for any reason and we miss an important call to our friends or family members. If such a situation does not come with you, Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecommunications company, offers its customers a special feature that makes it easy to identify who you missed the call. The special thing is that Reliance Jio offers these users free missed call alert facility.

Missed call alert Service facility
Through the Missed Call Alert service, call information is sent to their number via SMS. This way, users can easily find out who called your mobile number. You can then call that number again. Tell us how you can activate this service on your number:

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Missed call alert services work at this time
So let’s find out what time the call alert service missed working:
>> When your smartphone goes out of network coverage
>> When your mobile phone is off
>> While waiting for your call

How to activate Geo Miss Call Call Alert Service
The best thing about Jio Miss Call Alert Service is that no USSD code is required to activate it. This service is active on all Jio numbers. As we have already informed you that the company does not charge for this great service. Even if you are roaming Geo International, you can enjoy free Miss Call Call Alert service. Missed call alert service works best without any hassle. On the other hand, if the missed call alert service doesn’t work on your number, you can find a solution by calling Jio’s customer service.

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Can you disable Jio Miss Call Alert Service?
No .. Jio Missed Call Alert Service provides free and incoming calls information to assist customers. There is currently no way to disable this service. It cannot be disabled on any Jio number.


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