Spoiler-free review of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate. Indie’s perfect formula saves half an hour of footage

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I find it impossible to emotionally separate myself from Indiana Jones in the face of criticism of one of his films. And when it, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate, means the character’s farewell. And I don’t think anyone can really separate themselves from the Indiana Jones phenomenon. Because the character and the first three films of the saga are such an important part of cinema history, it is impossible to understand cinema as an industry and a show since 1981 without the adventures of this intrepid archaeologist. But that doesn’t mean after watching the movie I don’t have a strong opinion of him,

I found it discouraging After its presentation at the Cannes Film Festival The film was getting a succession of sticks, at worst, and lukewarm reviews. I didn’t really want to go into details before watching the movie. i always try to get to the movie theater no old prejudice, But the echoes that came from the first impressions were not at all encouraging. Now, with the film seen, I find them amazingly incomprehensible, and it’s this fifth Indiana Jones movie I think Perfect remake of an Indiana Jones movie With 40 years of running, jumping, fighting, shooting, luck, glory and an embarrassing frenzy all over his body, no less.

Indiana Jones 5 is a gritty movie

When the label “brave film” is used, it usually refers to productions that have committed to this either because of their themes or because of their artistic commitment. something risky, innovative, unprecedented, and it will sound strange to you, but i think so indy 5 He is brave because of the opposite. Perhaps his riskiest move yet is to screen an Indiana Jones movie without relying on the creative tandem of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg Jeev’s brilliant parents. But I’ll talk about that later. But so is an Indiana Jones feature film being released that is basically an Indiana Jones movie. not anymore. From the first frame to the last word of the credits. And that, to this day, I think is risking it. because the box office in recent years has been determined to prove that Stories like this don’t work anymore like they did 40 years ago, except when it’s the hero an 80 year old man,

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But Paramount, Disney and Lucasfilm have a bet: bid farewell to the character who will forget you bitter taste La Calavera de Cristal and give fans the finale they’ve been waiting for for so many years. and I tell the fans because the movie directed entirely at, is an accumulation of winks and references that pile up in the footage as undeniable evidence. But I doubt that seeing Harrison Ford in the middle of the posters today is what drives kids to theaters in a big way. they lose it, the truth, because the movie is hilarious, But hey, tastes have changed, and this story is a bit about that too: growing up and retiring with the greatest possible dignity. And not inside the fridge, I emphasize.

How hard is it trying to be Steven Spielberg

an indiana jones movie never stops being made a steven spielberg movie, And even Spielberg of the 2008 film had a hard time reaching the level of Spielberg of the first three films. Therefore, the work done by James Mangold is commendable and he himself received praise from Spielberg. Because no, Mangold Steven is not Steven Spielberg, but at the moment this new movie could pass for any one of Spielberg’s, it’s better than nothing. I don’t know if you can say anything better to a film director. This is not his only merit, I understand. work worth noting Photography by Phedon Papamichael and done by a fast-paced editing team Andrew Buckland, Michael McCusker why Dirk Westervelt, And if at some point your work loses its power, here comes the teacher. john williams With its soundtrack to the rescue, and Harrison Ford’s crooked smile in the back.

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Mangold is able to keep the pace going for nearly two and a half hours of the film, in which yes, in its final effort everything the film has achieved up to then is diluted a bit. it’s a shame because with a little less fireworks and a shorter half-hour movie He would have been left with a brilliant film, as pure Indiana Jones as the exotic landscapes, chases, rope bridges, bar fights, whips and hats.

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Times have changed for indiana jones

It must be said that, as is more or less traditional in Dr. Jones films, The plot packs a punch in the history books, and even some of the craziest theories from those talking about Atlantis and the mysteries in the history of humanity, one of the purest indie style that “PAF!” Seems like But hey, I don’t think anyone believes that the Ark of the Covenant (whether it is an archaeological reality or not) was actually “a radio to talk to God”. But accepting this, because it is an Indiana Jones movie (I emphasize), the rest works amazingly well, It is true that almost everything is reminiscent of other things that we have already seen in other installments of the saga: battles in the Obi Wan club, chases in wagons, traps and races up and down the lost archaeological sites. But that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Indiana Jones Dial Fate Critic Review Review Opinion 4

also adds Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate Ingredients of this delectable salad They are brand new. majority of imposed by the age of Harrison Ford, clean. But his hands-on look at how times change, both within the film’s narrative, with the man who recently landed on the moon, and outside, invites us to consider things like the educational system Or why are there adventure movies like Indiana Jones? No longer revolutionary. The answer is indie himself: years, and filming, And it’s that we’ve been seeing this type of movie for far too long, both from the indie itself and the army of imitators who have perpetuated themselves as summer blockbusters year after year. Hence what I was saying earlier, that it is impossible to separate the modern cinematographic experience from the Indiana Jones phenomenon. Still, Indy manages to land a few punches in the face of some Nazis, and that’s always great.

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Indiana Jones Dial Fate Critic Review Review Opinion 5

The change of times is noticeable at Ford, of course, no matter that the digital miracle is 40 years away from it, sometimes with alarming success, It’s also worth noting being able to hear David Bowie at one point in the film. And in the dazzling display of visual effects that follows the show, the surprise and most difficult yet, becomes unnecessary in a moment in which the sense of farewell overwhelms. In the end, that popular show is far less interesting than the individual storylines of the various protagonists. is this the moment to mention how well ford meshes with the rest of the cast, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is, as always, intelligent, charismatic and charming. And we’re talking about sharing a plane with none other than Harrison Ford. Mads Mikkelsen, for his part, may have managed to become the best villain in the saga. Even Antonio Banderas shines in a very brief role.

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Indy 5 is pure fun

I am glued to the seat, having fun and excitement since the movie started. I thought parting would be harder But each new sequence brought that sad feeling of saying Indiana Jones apart at the same time that a smile crept across my face that I haven’t been able to wipe off, hours after finishing the movie. I enjoyed Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate like a kid and I think this is the result of well understood nostalgia And a film made with the fans in mind and trying not to make the mistakes of previous occasions. The result is so masterful that I think everyone who dares to watch it will love it. With that said, I look down hard on the deniers of fun who fail to get the same thing in this movie as I do, pick up my fedora, dust it off, and ride off into the sunset.” A British tar a soaring soul..”


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