Spring beers: Innovation for the national craft market

Spring beers: Innovation for the national craft market

Spring time is late, Seasonal beers have become a favorite choice for breweries and consumers across the country. New data from the Chilean Beer Producers Association (Acechi) reveals a a notable increase of 96.7% in per capita consumption since 2005, reaching 59 liters in 2022. This event significantly changed the country’s beer landscape, placing spring styles as the protagonists of this revolution.

Kunstmann brewmaster Pablo Enriquez and Cervecería Guayacán founder Andrés Toro share their perspective on this boom. Toro encourages microbreweries to seek differentiation through high-drinking recipes and creativity, highlighting their low alcohol content as the ideal entry option in the competitive beer market. Enriquez, for his part, emphasized the importance of capturing the unique essence of each brewery through original recipes.

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With the arrival of spring, Kunstmann presents its latest innovation, Fruity Hoppy Spring, an experimental beer designed only for this season. Brewer Master Pablo Enriquez emphasizes the sensory experience offered by this variety, with its hoppy character and attractive notes of tropical fruits and citrus that capture the true essence of spring.

Compared to other styles, spring beers have a moderate alcohol content of no more than 6°, making them the ideal companion for moments of relaxation and enjoyment under the hot sun. In addition to the new experiment, Kunstmann invites you to discover the acclaimed Session IPA, a variety of its strong energy, with notes of fruit and citrus, and a leading bitterness that will please the most demanding palates.

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This spring toast not only celebrates the blossoming of the beer market, but also highlights the importance of creativity and innovation in an ever-evolving world of beer.