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Spying on Social Networks: Hacking, Spying and Monitoring

The controversy over spying on social networks and messaging apps as well as tracking cell phones by number or GPS of couples or children has been a topic of much discussion lately. Some argue that parents have a right to monitor their children to make sure they stay safe, while others argue that it violates children’s privacy and rights.

Many experts argue that parents should have honest discussions with their children about their phone use and make sure they understand the risks and benefits of being online. Although the issue remains controversial, raising awareness among parents about mobile phone use and supervision of children is an essential part of parental responsibility.

What is spying and what is app or mobile device monitoring?

On many occasions, parents use terms such as “hacking/spying on my child’s mobile”, which raises doubts about the motives for which this activity is done, which is actually negative experiences by the children. Monitoring should err on the side of avoidance. virtual environment.

According to the technology portal, it is appropriate to talk about monitoring when the goal is to monitor and subsequently inform the person about the alleged alarm signals:

As a term, cell phone monitoring is the process of monitoring mobile usage in order to obtain information about the usage of the device. This includes app usage, calls, messages, GPS location, and other data. This allows companies and parents to monitor the behavior of cell phone users to ensure that they stay safe and do not engage in inappropriate activities.

In contrast, mobile hacking is the use of programs and tools to access restricted information or make unauthorized changes to a mobile device. Mobile hacking can also be used to access someone’s personal information such as text messages, calls, location and installed apps. It is important to note that hacking is illegal and can have legal consequences.

Are there legal consequences for Spying/Monitoring/Hacking another person’s mobile?

In the Spanish Criminal Code, espionage, extraction and dissemination of personal information of the couple or any other person is included as an offence. This, because it violates people’s right to privacy, which is one of the fundamental rights of the Constitution. And as it is established in Spain, in many other countries of the world this action is treated in the same way, which can land the person in prison for up to 4 years.

The best thing to do in any case is to stay away from your partner’s or friends’ mobiles, if you don’t have an explicit right to see their conversations, social networks, etc.

In case of children, in which their applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger etc. are monitored. Has become more than a trend, an already established business, we recommend the following:

Maintain constant communication with your children

When children are young, there is little chance that they will be suspicious of any measures we take to control and supervise them. But as they grow up, they would like to have their privacy in some conversations or content on their mobiles, suppose they are already teenagers and start taking interest in sexuality issues.

Therefore, it is important that you respect their privacy, and limit yourself to reporting and intervening when you spot abuse, bullying, harassment, phishing, and other activities that could harm your child.

Educate your son so that he learns to detect those signs, but at the same time don’t give up. Reassure her that monitoring her communications is a good way to keep her safe, and that there will be many tricks and dangers she is not yet ready to detect and deal with. In any case, communication plays an essential role in avoiding misunderstandings and deterioration in the parent-child relationship.

Take screenshots of negative evidence

Whenever you receive harmful content, harassing messages or contacts from unknown numbers, take a screenshot of the proof. This is because in some cases your underage child may not be aware that he is being manipulated by his group of friends or even by a stalker, and may turn against you.

Either way, the screenshot will serve as evidence if your child decides to report you for invading their privacy. Certainly, if your suspicions and evidence show that you are being manipulated, legal retaliation cannot be taken against you.

Take timely action and complain if necessary

If you discover a predator or bully contacting your child or sending inappropriate material, make the necessary reports to the school or relevant authorities. Don’t just delete or block the content or contact: it won’t solve the problem, and in the worst case, think that other kids might fall prey to the same people.

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