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Standing crunches, the easiest variant to tone the core and glutes effortlessly

Do you think that abdominal exercises can only be done lying on the floor and suffering unspeakably? Well you are wrong. There is a variant of the classic exercise which

Finished standing and it is ideal to do after 50 if you want to tone your core and glutes without using too much effort.

Standing abs This is a variation of the well-known exercise where you stand while doing the work. If you stick to the bodyweight version, gravity takes care of almost all the effort your abs have to do to bring your chest to your hips. This is not the case.

Obviously, you won’t get the same results as if you used your own weight as resistance, but you will get some interesting minimums. Alternatively, you can also do standing crunches

Resistance bands with an anchor or a cable machine. These changes will make your abs more bulky and provide many benefits.

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How to do standing abs

You don’t need a mat or equipment to do standing crunches. The first thing you do is stand up straight with your hands on the sides of your head and your elbows extended outward. Move your chest slowly

As comfortable as possible toward the hip. Finally, return to the starting position with a controlled motion. And repeat as many times as you want.

The position of your arms in these standing crunches is not very important. If you can more easily avoid moving your head by holding your hands elsewhere, there is no problem doing standing crunches this way. This is an exercise that is definitely committed to comfort, as long as you respect the

Introduce the weight of standing stomachs

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The main muscles that work in standing abs are the core. On top of that, your glutes, quads, and obliques have to work hard to keep you upright and in position. It is important to remember that resistance training exercises work because they facilitate the

Muscle challenge in good numbers.

However, when doing regular standing crunches, gravity takes the effort to move the chest toward the hips away from the abdominal muscles. That said, you can too

Increase resistance in this movement to make it more effective.

You can’t do this by doing standing crunches with regular weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, or medicine balls. This will only allow gravity to help you move your shoulders. However, the solution is to anchor the resistance bands oa

Cable machine whichever is higher, hold the free end of your chest and do weighted crunches this way.

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Benefits of standing crunches

If you do this with a resistance band or cable machine, standing crunches will be offered to you

Very similar results in traditional sit-ups. However, if you settle for sustainability and more modest items, this is a great option to include in your daily routine.

It’s a simple and very cheap exercise, so it’s perfect to do from the age of 50 if you don’t want to beat yourself up. You will exercise your core and glutes, especially. And depending on the speed of doing it, you can also add a

Cardiovascular component.

Many people find that lying on the floor is uncomfortable or hurts their back. In that case, standing crunches can be a more interesting alternative. And if standing crunches help you strengthen your core, they can help you too

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